My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Made Her Feel Bad

Nox tried to suppress the fear in him, but his voice trembled a little as he asked, ‘‘Mommy… Do I have to undergo surgery?”

Rosalie nodded as though Nox was ill for real. “Acute appendicitis is serious. If we don’t take you to the hospital as soon as possible, it’ll hurt more in the future. I’m worried about you.”

Nox hesitated for a few seconds, then grinned before letting go of his tummy. He confessed, “Mommy, I’m okay. I don’t feel pain. Please don’t have me undergo surgery, okay?”

Rosalie shook her head without hesitation.

Nox and Lucian looked into each other’s eyes. The fear of surgery and the regrets of lying surged through them.

Lucian cautiously tugged their mommy’s shirt and apologized obediently. “Mommy, I’m sorry. We lied just now. Nox isn’t sick. I asked him to pretend to be sick Please don’t have Nox undergo surgery.”

Nox also climbed down from the bed and stood before their mommy guilty.

Rosalie looked at the two little ones beside her. she sighed and caressed their heads. “Do you realize your mistake?”

The little ones nodded.

Rosalie squatted patiently, looked into their eyes, and asked, “Can you tell me why you lied?”

The two little ones looked at each other again. They did not know how to explain to their mommy.

Rosalie did not urge but waited quietly.

“We did it because… we don’t like Uncle Xander,” Nox timidly confessed.

Then, he lifted his head carefully to observe their mommy’s expression.

Hearing the little one’s answer, Rosalie looked stunned.

Rosalie had thought the little ones were pretending to be ill because they did not want her to leave, she did not expect this answer from them.

It was the second time she had heard the little ones say they disliked anyone.

Last time, it was Wendy because Wendy and Andrea embarrassed her before the little ones.

However, Xander had been nice to her and the kids.

Rosalie could not understand why the little ones disliked him.

“Can you tell me why you don’t like Uncle Xander?” Rosalie asked in a puzzle.

The little ones pursed their lips and did not explain. “We don’t know. We just don’t like him.”

Rosalie frowned and looked at them seriously. “You can’t say something like that. You have to tell me the reason no matter what. Otherwise, I can’t refuse Uncle Xander’s kindness.”

Hearing his mother’s words, Nox frowned unwillingly and lowered his head.

He could not tell Mommy they did not like Uncle Xander because Uncle Xander would snatch her away from Daddy.

Seeing Nox avoiding the question, Rosalie patiently looked at Lucian.

Lucian answered with a cute voice, “Mommy, you’ve been spending less time with US since you met Uncle Xander. You left US alone yesterday, and now you’re leaving again.”

Those words made Rosalie feel bad.

Indeed, since Rosalie met Xander, she had been busy with the project and spending lesser time with the little ones.

Byron had even questioned her about it the day before.

Rosalie felt guilty and did not doubt what the little ones told her.

“Mommy, can you stay with us today?”

The little ones put on their pitiful look to gain Rosalie’s sympathy.

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