My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 858

Chapter 858 That’s Not What I Meant

Xander smiled and said nothing.

The 1.2 billion Xander had given last night was enough for Director Spiros to say this.

Therefore, he calmly accepted Director Spiros’ humble attitude.

Rosalie had no idea what had happened between the two men and quietly followed behind Xander.

The three of them had just walked out of Heronial Corporation when Rosalie’s phone rang suddenly.

The two men in front of her stopped and looked back at her.

Rosalie smiled apologetically at the two of them, she took out her phone and glanced at it. when she saw the caller ID, she froze.

“What’s the matter? Are the kids unwell?” Xander looked concerned.

Rosalie was startled. Then, she casually rejected the call as she smiled and said, “It’s nothing. It shouldn’t be anything important. Let’s sign the contract first.”

Xander and the others did not think too much and continued walking.

Rosalie had taken only two steps when her phone rang again.

When Rosalie saw the caller ID, her heart sank. Then, she told them, “I’m sorry. I have to excuse myself to answer this call. Why don’t you guys carry on with the matter first?”

After nodding at the two men, Rosalie headed out of the company building and answered the call.

Just as the call connected, Rosalie heard Estelle crying before she could even say anything.

“What happened to Estie?” Rosalie asked anxiously.

On the other end of the call, Byron suppressed the displeasure in him and said in a deep voice, “She wants to see you. Please do me a favor again if you have the time, Miss Jacobs.”

Rosalie hung up on him without hesitation the first time he called.

Byron had no idea what was on Rosalie’s mind and thought she did it because she was mad at him.

Thinking of this possibility, Byron found it ridiculous.

Rosalie was the one who made a mistake, but she hung up his call.

Rosalie hesitated for a moment and sounded troubled. “I’m a little busy now…”

Looking at the time, Rosalie noticed it was only half an hour before Heronial Corporation got seized. If she did not hurry up, the resources in the Heronial Corporation would go to waste.

Byron’s mood sank upon hearing her refusal, and he was angry.

Mrs. Zora noticed Byron’s mood change and was afraid, she quickly backed a few steps away.

“Estelle has been crying all morning.” Byron was trying hard to suppress the anger in him.

The little girl seemed to hear that Rosalie did not want to meet her. She cried even louder.

Rosalie heard the little girl sobbing from the other end of the call. She felt her heart shattering, but she had to deal with something more important.

“I’m sorry. I’m busy. Can you wait for me for an hour? I’ll be there as soon as I’ve done my work! ”

Byron’s cold voice came from the other end of the call after Rosalie rejected them again.

“Since you’re so busy, I won’t disturb you anymore, Miss Jacobs! You don’t have to care about how badly Estie is crying now. After all, Estie has nothing to do with you.”

Rosalie frowned and wanted to retort subconsciously, “That’s not what I meant…”

Before she could finish her words, Byron interrupted coldly, “We won’t disturb you anymore, Miss Jacobs. I’ll deal with Estie myself. Goodbye.”

Then, the man hung up the call.

Rosalie was anxious upon looking at her phone screen.

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