My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 860

Chapter 860 The Little One Was Not Feeling Well

Rosalie headed straight from Heronial Corporation to Lawrence Manor.

Rosalie pulled over her car at the manor’s gate in 20 minutes.

Rosalie rang the doorbell anxiously.

Soon, Mrs. Zora turned on the intercom.

“Ma…” Mrs. Zora almost blurted out her usual way of addressing Rosalie when she saw her, but she quickly changed it when she realized what she was saying, “Miss Jacobs.”

Estelle’s sad cry filled Rosalie’s mind, and she could not care about anything else. “Mrs. Zora, please let me in. How’s Estelle now?”

Looking at Rosalie’s anxious expression, Mrs. Zora let out a silent sigh. “You came too late. Master has already taken Little Lady out.”

Rosalie froze when she heard Mrs. Zora’s answer.

She thought Byron was only saying that because he was angry.

However, she did not expect him to be so ruthless.

Estelle might still be crying because she had not seen her.

Rosalie snapped out of her thought upon thinking of this. She humbly asked, “Do you know where Byron took Estelle to?”

Mrs. Zora hesitated for a moment, she recalled what Byron had told her and chose to keep it a secret, she shook her head.

Rosalie’s mood sank, and she regretted what she had done.

‘I wish I had come earlier…’ Rosalie thought.

“Why don’t you call Master and ask him where he took Little Lady?” Mrs. Zora could not help herself from suggesting a solution to Rosalie.

Although Mrs. Zora was angry on Estelle’s behalf that Rosalie did not agree to come just now, she still could not look at Rosalie feeling anxious and sad.

Rosalie was so worried that she forgot she could call Byron and only realized it when Mrs. Zora reminded her.

“Thanks. I’ll call him now!”

As Rosalie spoke, she took out her phone and scrolled through her contact list to look for Byron’s name. Then, she dialed his number.

However, Byron rejected the call as soon as it went through.

Hearing the mechanical female voice on the phone, Rosalie dialed again without hesitation.

The result was the same after several attempts.

It was evident Byron was mad at her and would not answer her calls for some time.

Realizing this, Rosalie regretted it. she could only try her luck by sending Byron a message.

She wanted to know Estelle’s condition.

In the meantime, Byron and Estelle were on the way to Lucas’ clinic.

“Auntie!” Estelle whimpered when she heard the ringtone from her Daddy’s phone.

Byron was unmoved. He rejected the calls every time the phone rang.

Hearing the little one’s voice, he coldly denied it. “It’s not Auntie. She’s still busy working.”

The little one’s cry became weak and gradually turned into a sob.

Byron lifted his head and looked at Estelle through the rearview mirror.

Although Estelle’s cries had gradually faded, tears still flowed down her cheeks.

Looking at Estelle’s condition, Byron squinted his eyes and glanced at the message on his phone screen. However, he frowned and slid it off. Then, he picked up his phone and called Lucas, asking him to spare some time for Estelle.

Lucas agreed without hesitating when he heard that the little one was not feeling well.

After hanging up the phone, Byron still could not help himself from looking at Rosalie’s message.

[Sorry, I’m late. Where are you and Estelle? I’ll go there now.]

Byron sneered when he saw the message and exited the message coldly.

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