My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Do You Like Auntie Very Much?

“Is that so?” Lucas looked at the little one in his arms.

Estie shook her head vigorously.

Apparently, the reason why Estie was crying was not what Byron had told Lucas initially. It was what he had just said.

Lucas looked at the man opposite him helplessly. “I can’t help you if you refuse to tell me everything.”

Byron was also shocked.

He did not try to hide anything. It was just that he could only think of those possibilities.

However, when Lucas questioned him further, Byron knew he might have done something more than that.

Realizing this, Byron frowned and began to recall what had happened.

Estelle cuddled in Lucas’ arms, looking away from Byron. She looked as though she disliked Byron.

Byron suddenly recalled Estelle seemed to have said something to him through the phone that morning before she cried suddenly.

‘What did I say to her?’ Byron recalled.

Lucas noticed Byron seemed to hesitate to tell him. He frowned and looked at the little one in his embrace.

“Estie, what did Daddy say that made you sad? Tell me and I’ll teach your daddy a lesson for bullying you.”

Over the years, Lucas had been the one who eased Estelle whenever she was in a meltdown.

Therefore, Estelle trusted Lucas more than she trusted anyone else.

The little one answered in a muffled voice, “Daddy doesn’t keep his word! Estie wants Auntie only…”

After muttering that, Estelle glared at Byron angrily and buried herself in Lucas’ arms again.

Lucas lifted his eyebrows and looked at the man opposite him again.

Estie seldom went into a meltdown since that woman appeared.

As he had expected, the reason Estie fell ill twice recently was because of that woman.

Lucas wondered what his best friend had done this time.

Byron recalled what he had said on the phone when Estelle mentioned that.

“I didn’t mean it.”

His anger at Rosalie had overpowered him, making him blurt out something like that.

The little one did not respond.

“So, what did you say?” Lucas did not understand.

Byron frowned and answered, “I was angry and said I might not make Rosalie her mommy.”

Estelle cried louder upon hearing that. She screamed as though she had hysteria.

Byron’s and Lucas’ hearts shattered.

Since Lucas knew the reason now, he told his best friend, “Alright, wait outside for a while.”

Estelle was still angry because of Byron. Her condition would only be worse if Byron were still in the room.

Byron trusted Lucas unconditionally, so he left immediately.

Lucas tried to control and calm Estie, who was struggling in his arms.

“Daddy has gone out. Look! We’re alone in this room now.”

As Lucas spoke, he carried Estelle and walked around the room.

Lucas tried to distract Estelle by mentioning the room’s change. He asked Estelle questions to divert her attention.

Although Estelle answered his questions, tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

Lucas sat back on his head and decided to talk to Estelle.

“Do you like Auntie very much?”

Estelle sobbed when Lucas mentioned Rosalie, but she still tried hard to nod her head in reply.

Lucas took a tissue and wiped Estelle’s tears off her face. Then, he asked gently, “What about Daddy? Don’t you like Daddy, Estie?”

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