My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Care About Her

Byron was a little helpless when he heard what Lucas said.

He had never gone against the little one’s will. All this while, he had been trying to get the woman to reunite with them.

It was just that he could not win Rosalie’s heart back no matter what he did.

She had even approached another man.

Byron could never accept that.

He had the right to be angry about it.

Lucas looked at Byron and said, “According to my observation, Miss Jacobs is a suitable candidate to be Estie’s mother. She cares about Estie. The only problem is she has two kids.”

Then, Lucas sipped his tea and asked Byron meaningfully, “Well, you wouldn’t care about the existence of the two other kids, would you?”

Byron smiled. “It’s not up to me to decide.”

What Byron meant was it was not that he could not accept those two kids.

It was Rosalie who would not accept him.

Lucas was surprised.

He could not believe Rosalie would reject someone like Byron.

Lucas snickered upon looking at the irritated expression on Byron’s face.

“Even so, I can see Miss Jacobs is fond of Estie. I suggest you don’t stop Estelle from meeting Miss Jacobs no matter what happens between Miss Jacobs and you in the future. I’ve told you to let Estie spend more time with Miss Jacobs. It’s good for her.”

Byron frowned as he recalled the few calls from Rosalie on his way to the clinic and the message he had ignored. “Okay.”

Lucas nodded. “I lied to Estie that Miss Jacobs will be here soon so that she’d get out of the car just now. Estie might cry again if she doesn’t see Miss Jacobs when she wakes up. She’ll also lose her trust in me. So, contact Miss Jacobs to come here now if you can.”

Byron’s face turned gloomy for a moment.

He had just ignored Rosalie, yet he had to call her now.

It would make Rosalie think she was only a tool he sued to coax Estelle and he could dump her whenever he did not need her.

Then, Byron said, “I’ll take Estie to her.”

Lucas frowned. He was confused again.

It would be more convenient to ask Rosalie to come to the clinic. However, Byron chose to make things difficult.

However, Lucas decided not to ask since Byron did not seem like he wanted to explain. “I’ll go with you just in case.”

Lucas wanted Byron to call Rosalie and ask her to come to the clinic because he could appease Estelle if she woke up before Rosalie came.

Since Byron wanted to take Estie to Rosalie, Lucas had to follow since Estelle’s condition was not stable yet.

Byron nodded. “Thank you.”

Lucas smiled. “We’re friends. You don’t have to thank me. Moreover, I watched Estie grow up and care about her just as much as you do.”

They went back into the room.

Estelle was lying on the sofa, sleeping soundly. At least Estelle was not crying anymore in her sleep.

Byron looked at the little one while she slept. He felt sorry for her when he recalled how sadly the little one was crying just now.

“Come on,” Lucas whispered.

Byron snapped out of his thoughts and carried Estelle lightly out of the clinic. Then, they headed straight to Rosalie’s house.

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