My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Crying To See You

On the way to Rosalie’s house, Byron held Estelle in his arms in the backseat while Lucas drove the car.

Estelle suddenly muttered something as she frowned.

Byron’s forehead creased. He leaned forward to listen to what Estelle was muttering.


The little one murmured. As Estelle sleeptalked, she grabbed tightly onto Byron’s clothes.

Even though the little one was still asleep, she was thinking of Rosalie.

Hearing the little one’s words and thinking of Rosalie, Byron was in deep thought again.

Lucas, who was driving in front, also heard the little one’s mutter and looked at Byron through the rearview mirror as he frowned.

Lucas saw Byron looking gloomy through the rearview mirror, and he sighed.

“Estie needs a mother. No matter what your feelings for Mis Jacobs are, you shouldn’t stop Estie from meeting Miss Jacobs until you find the love of your life.”

your place. Maybe you can go back and take a look.”

Rosalie’s eyes glimmered with hope. She thanked Mrs. Zora and nodded her head. “Thank you. I’ll go back and take a look.”

With that, Rosalie quickly turned around and drove home.

Back in the villa, Rosalie saw Lucian and Nox sitting on the sofa with a laptop each. One boy was scrolling through the stock market while another was typing a series of programming codes.

“Mommy!” They put down the laptops and welcomed Mommy when they saw her.

When they were by her side, they cautiously peeped out of the door.

Rosalie smiled absent-mindedly at the little ones. She lifted her head and looked around the living room but did not see Byron and Estelle.

“Mommy, what are you looking for?” The little ones asked in a puzzle.

Rosalie’s eyes met their gaze, and she tried her luck asking, “Did Estie and Mr. Byron come looking for me?”

The little ones looked at each other and shook their heads, confused.

“Why are you asking?” The little boys had no idea why their mommy suddenly asked about Estelle and Byron.

Rosalie’s heart sank again when the little ones shook their heads, but she did not want them to worry. She calmed herself down and shook her head. “Nothing.”

The two little ones noticed the sad look in her eyes and were worried. However, they knew their mommy did not want to talk about it, so they did not dare to ask.

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