My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Mommy Will Always Love You

“Mommy, is it because of Little Estie?”

Lucian suddenly remembered that when Mommy just came back, she asked if Little Estie had been here.

When the little boy had guessed the reason, the expression on Rosalie’s face suddenly changed.

The little boys were so sharp, so they quickly realized that they had guessed right.

Nox asked her inexplicably. “What’s wrong with Little Estie?”

From Mommy’s appearance, the little guys became very worried about Little Estie, but they also knew that if they showed it, Mommy would only be sadder.

Thinking so, the little guys tried their best to suppress their worries.

Rosalie hesitated for a few seconds, but in the end, she spoke what was in her heart. “If you wanted to see me, but I didn’t show up in time, would you be angry with me?”

The little boys looked at each other and shook their heads without hesitation. “No!”

Rosalie’s gaze showed that she was unconvinced.

After a while, the little boys smiled sheepishly, stretched out their hands, and squeezed their index fingers and thumbs together.

“Well, only a little bit, but we won’t be really angry with you! As long as you come to see US in the end, we’ll definitely forgive you!” Rosalie’s heart was moved by the serious expressions on their little faces. “Thank you, my babies.”

The little boys hugged Rosalie warmly and comforted her. “Little Estie must also feel the same, so Mommy, don’t worry!”

Rosalie nodded slightly, yet she could not help but worry.

After all, the situation between the two brothers and Little Estie was still different.

Estie’s severe emotional meltdown before was deeply imprinted in Rosalie’s memory.

The little girl finally got better. If she was triggered again because of her, Rosalie would not know how much she would blame herself.

Lucian and Nox looked at each other and cautiously asked their mother. “Mommy, are you unhappy because of Little Estie?”

Rosalie nodded silently with self-blame on her face. “Little Estie… She cried so badly, but I didn’t get to her in time.”

The boys could not help but looked a little worried when they thought of Little Estie’s situation.

‘If Mommy is this worried, it must mean that Little Estie must’ve been crying badly.

‘How is she doing now?’

Despite what they thought in their hearts, the little boys still smiled and comforted Rosalie. “Even so, we’ll still forgive Mommy! It must be the same for Little Estie!”

Rosalie looked at the little boys in front of her. Her eyes were full of emotion.

The little guys looked at their Mommy earnestly. “Your work is important, and we know that you love us!”

Rosalie pursed her lips and smiled, then planted a kiss on their foreheads as she looked at them. “Thank you for comforting me, babies. I’ll always love you.”

The little boys grinned adorably.

The pressure on Rosalie’s heart was relieved tremendously with the little boys’ consolation. After thinking for a while, she took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Byron.

As soon as she made the call to Byron, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Is it Uncle Byron?”

The little boys’ eyes lit up as they looked at their mommy expectantly.

Rosalie held the same expectations as the boys, she got up and walked quickly to the door, to open it.

When the group of three saw the person at the door, the eyes of the little boys instantly darkened.

Rosalie’s earlier expectations were also in vain.

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