My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Angry With Her

“Are you going to keep all these medicines?”

Xander did not take the little boys seriously. He turned his head and asked Rosalie.

Rosalie frowned for a moment and said, “Let’s send them to the research institute. It won’t be of much use to leave them with me.”

Xander nodded noncommittally. “Then I’d need to trouble you to come with US.”

Hearing this, the two little boys’ senses suddenly tightened, and the hands they used to hold Rosalie’s skirt also tensed.

Rosalie was about to agree, but she felt the little boys acting strange. She looked down at them with concern.

The boys looked back at their mommy and said, “Mommy, aren’t you feeling unwell?”

They searched high and low for a reasonable excuse and could only come up with a measly one.

Rosalie’s complexion changed slightly as she thought of Estie. Her eyes gradually dimmed again.

Xander heard this and said with concern, “It’s okay if you’re unwell. You can help by just informing the research staff.”

Rosalie reluctantly lifted her head, smiled, and shook her head. ” I think it’s better for me to drop by just to avoid unnecessary mistakes again.”

Xander raised his eyebrows imperceptibly and accepted her offer. He did not dilly-dally with her anymore.

When the little boys saw that Mommy was leaving, they got really anxious.

‘Why is Mommy insisting on going even when Uncle Zander said that she doesn’t have to go?’

“The children seem to have something to tell you. I’ll be waiting for you in the car.” Xander got into the car.

Rosalie nodded gratefully and took the little boys back to the door of the villa.

“Mommy, are you going out again?” Nox tugged at his mommy’s skirt pitifully.

Rosalie patted the heads of the little boys apologetically. “I need to go to the research institute for a short while. I’ll come back right away.” 1

Lucian frowned slightly, his face looking a little serious. “But if you go out, what if Little Estie drops by with Uncle Byron?”

These words hit Rosalie’s heart.

For a while, Rosalie began to hesitate.

When Nox heard his brother’s words, he hurriedly echoed. “If Little Estie comes and doesn’t see you, she’ll definitely become even sadder.”

‘Moreover, Daddy would be angry too.’

Compared to Little Estie, the little boys were more worried about Daddy.

After all, Little Estie was easy to coax. However, Daddy was not.

Rosalie’s eyes were hesitant.

‘On second thought, Byron is still angry with me, and the possibility of him bringing Estie over to me is slim.

‘This batch of medicines was obtained by us with great difficulty, and no mistakes can be made.

‘Moreover, I’ve already promised Xander, who’s waiting for me in the car now.’

After deliberating for a while, Rosalie finally made a decision.

“I’ll come back soon. Wait for me at home. If Little Estie comes, help me watch over her and give me a call. I’ll be back immediately, okay?”

Estie and this batch of medicines were both very important. This was the only way Rosalie could think of to take care of both.

Hearing what Mommy said, the two little boys had to nod their heads sensibly. “Then you must come back soon!”

Rosalie smiled and nodded. “Go back in quickly.”

The two little boys reluctantly turned back and entered the villa.

Seeing that the little boys had closed the door, Rosalie turned around and got into Xander’s car.

“Have you finished talking to the boys?” Xander asked. 1

Rosalie smiled apologetically. “Sorry for keeping you waiting. The kids are still young, so they sometimes can’t bear to leave me. Let’s go.”

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