My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Why Are You Doing This?

At the same time, across the road not far from Rosalie’s house, a black Bentley slowly drove by.

“That seems to be Dr. Jacobs. Is she going out?”

Dr. Montgomery saw a familiar figure from a distance. He turned his head and said something to Byron.

Hearing this, Byron frowned and looked in the direction of Rosalie’s house just as the woman got into a car.

The moment the car door opened, the face of the man inside was revealed. He recognized the man at a glance. It was Xander Lancer.

‘While this woman was calling me, she was entangled with that man at the same time! ’

Byron’s expression sank steeply.

He thought that the woman had already realized she was wrong!

Dr. Montgomery did not notice the change in his mood and was oblivious to the entanglement between these people.

He vaguely saw a man sitting in the car, so he asked, “Is that man in the car Miss Jacobs’ business partner?”

After that, he frowned again and urged. “Let’s hurry over there. It seems that they’re ready to leave.”

Dr. Montgomery was ready to speed up.

Behind him, Byron’s voice sounded cold. “No need. Turn around. Let’s go home.”

Dr. Montgomery sensed his emotions and realized something was not right between the man and Rosalie. However, he was too stunned to say something.

Estie was still sleeping peacefully in Byron’s arms, ignorant of what was going on outside.

It seemed that she was not sleeping very well as the little girl muttered something before turning around in his arms.

Byron looked down at the little one in his arms and felt even more annoyed at Rosalie.

Hearing Estie’s movement, Dr. Montgomery’s hand on the steering wheel stopped. Not only did he not turn around, but he slowed down and continued in the direction of Rosalie’s house.

“What are you doing?” Byron asked angrily.

Dr. Montgomery said helplessly, “Don’t forget that you promised me just now that you wouldn’t stop Estie from seeing Miss Jacobs.”

Hearing this, Byron’s brows twitched fiercely.

‘If I hadn’t seen what happened just now, of course, I wouldn’t want the little girl to be sad anymore.

‘That woman…

‘If she doesn’t treat Estie sincerely, what’s the use of letting Estie see her?

‘It’s just self-deception! ’

“They’re leaving. Give Miss Jacobs a call.”

Watching the car in front of them slowly start the engine, Dr. Montgomery suggested in a deep voice.

Byron stared deeply at the car in front of him, and a storm began to brew around him.

After a while, it was obvious he had no intention of picking up the phone.

As the car in front gradually drove away, Dr. Montgomery frowned helplessly and stopped on the side of the road.

The car was filled with tense pressure.

Estie could not rest well even in her sleep. Her little hands tightly grasped the hem of her daddy’s clothes, crumpling Byron’s shirt.

Dr. Montgomery sighed at the little one’s insecure behavior, “why are you doing this?”

He did not know what his buddy thought about Rosalie, but in his opinion, children should not get caught up in adults’ affairs.

In particular, Estie’s situation was greatly different from that of ordinary children.

“If I don’t see her, what else can I do to ease Estie’s situation?” Byron answered the question.

Dr. Montgomery frowned and was silent for a few seconds before he answered, “Take Estie home and let her stay in a familiar environment. Maybe things will be better.”

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