My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Would Be Open To Listen

Just as the two were talking, Wendy’s phone suddenly vibrated.

The two looked at the phone on the table in unison.

Wendy glanced at it and knew that it was the private detective who sent more photos again.

She thought about the photos she would receive at this hour, even when she had not clicked on it yet, her expression had already sunk in.

During this time, except for the few photos she received yesterday, the others were basically photos of Rosalie and Byron together!

She had seen enough of the two being ambiguous together!

After Wendy clicked on the photo and took a look, she frowned slightly, and her expression gradually eased.

“What’s the matter? Who sent the message?”

Magdalene wanted to say something else, but saw her daughter’s sudden distraction, and looked at her in confusion.

When she saw the photo on the screen, Magdalene’s brows also furrowed, and her eyes were puzzled. “Isn’t this… the young master of the Lancer family?”

After speaking, several scenarios quickly flashed across Magdalene’s mind.

A moment later, Magdalene asked suspiciously, “Could it be, that the public opinion on the Internet some time ago is true?”

‘Did this Jacobs woman really rely on Xander Lancer to join the Lancer family’s project?’

‘But if these two people really have a close relationship, how could Byron be…’ 1

For a while, Magdalene was in shock.

Wendy bit her lower lip bitterly. “Even you, would think it’s true, then these photos may really have some effect.”

At least, this will create the effect that she wanted on Melody’s perception!

“What do you mean? She and the Lancer family’s heir…” Magdalene wanted to get to the bottom of this.

If Rosalie really was involved with Xander, as long as Melody knew about this, no matter how much Byron likes Rosalie, she will not be able to be accepted by the Lawrence family!

Wendy narrowed her eyes coldly. “Is it that important if it is true or false? As long as the important person thinks it is true, then it will be true.”

After that, with the flick of her hands, Wendy changed the phone card and sent the newly received photos to Melody.

Seeing her daughter’s actions, Magdalene was stunned for a few seconds before she smiled in contentment.

She knew that her daughter would not give up so easily.

Magdalene never expected that her daughter actually managed to do so much without her knowledge.

‘I don’t know how Melody will react when she sees these photos.’ The Lawrence Family Mansion.

Melody had just sent Wendy away and felt very sorry for her.

Over the years, she has been trying to convince her son to make it official with Wendy as soon as possible.

But until now, the relationship between the two has not progressed further.

On the contrary, this Jacobs woman appeared to be his son’s distraction!

As a woman, Melody was also very distressed by Wendy’s efforts.

Benedict came down from upstairs and was about to go to the company to handle some chores. Upon seeing his wife’s sad face, the man’s eyebrows slightly twitched.

“Going to the company?” Melody saw him coming down, got up and greeted him.

Benedict nodded noncommittally.

Melody hesitated for a few seconds, then spoke softly. “About Byron, regarding his marriage to Wendy, I don’t think it can be delayed any longer. Perhaps… why don’t you talk to him again? He would be open to listen to you. “

When Benedict went downstairs just now, he could already guess what was on his wife’s mind.

For the past few days, Melody always had this expression on her face.

As she mentioned this matter to him again, Benedict held his wife’s hand and said solemnly, “Let him decide for himself.”

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