My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Let Him Come To The Fuller’s To See Me

Melody did not expect her husband to say such a thing.

Over the years, although Benedict has not outwardly expressed his thoughts, he had always been on her side by default.

Right now, Benedict actually expressed his support toward his son.

“Wendy has waited for our son for so many years, are we going to let herdown?”

Melody tried to convince her husband.

Benedict frowned, a little helpless in his eyes.

One side was his wife, the other was his son, he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

However, these two people were not on the same page now.

After a moment of silence, Benedict sighed with a headache and only said, “I’ll leave it to you to figure it out, I’m not good at handling this kind of matter.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for his wife to speak again, he quickly evaded. “I have something to deal with at the company. You have lunch on your own, darling.”

When her husband mentioned that he was needed at work, Melody naturally could not stop him, so she reluctantly gave in.

As she walked Benedict to the door, Melody was still a little dissatisfied, but instead she softly reminded him. “Come back early in the evening, my dear. Don’t tire yourself out.”

Benedict nodded and agreed, then drove away.

“Madam, there seems to be some messages coming in from your mobile phone.”

Benedict’s car just left the entrance of the mansion when the butler’s voice rang in Melody’s ear.

Hearing this, Melody turned around and took a look in confusion.

The moment she pressed the screen, Melody’s heart sank when she saw the string of unfamiliar numbers on the screen.

Although this is a string of unknown numbers, she still remembered.

This number was clearly the person who sent her the photos yesterday!

Moreover, this person also sent a few photos today.

Melody’s heart was inexplicably heavy, she walked quickly to the sofa and sat down, frowned, and looked at the photos.

In the photo, Rosalie and Xander were laughing and talking.

Unlike the photos from yesterday, the location this time changed to the front door of Rosalie’s house.

Even beside Rosalie, there were two little boys looking up at them.

Melody had met these two children and knew that they were Rosalie’s sons.

Which meant that Xander had a very good relationship with her two sons.

From the photos, the atmosphere amongst the four people was quite pleasant.

Seeing the picture in the photo, Melody could not help but recalled the public opinion some time ago, and her face sank abruptly.

In two consecutive days of photos, this Jacobs woman was with Xander.

Moreover, the demeanor between the two seemed so close.

She must be a complete fool if she doubted the news on the Internet again!

Thinking so, Melody got up in anger.

“Madam, where are you going?” The butler followed her in confusion when he saw his Madam suddenly got up and walked towards the door.

Melody replied coldly without turning her head. “I’m heading to Fuller Villa. If the young master comes home, let him come to the Fuller’s to see me!”

The butler respectfully agreed and watched Melody get into the car and left.

Melody originally wanted to ask Wendy to come over, but then she thought that she had just left home, it would be too much trouble to call her back again.

Moreover, for this trip, she had a favor to ask from Wendy.

In addition, even if she only looked at these photos, she should give Wendy a formal explanation!

‘That Jacobs woman is doing everything she can for fame and fortune, how ugly and shameless.’

In any case, she would never let such a person enter the Lawrence family!

‘This Jacobs woman who doesn’t care about dignity, but I still want mine!’

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