My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Full of Anger

Facing Xander’s repeated questioning, Yves’s complexion changed gradually.

After a while, he put it bluntly. “This is Dr. Jacobs’ private matter. I thought Young Master Xander knew about it, so I brought it up in front of you. Now it seems that you don’t know, so let’s forget it.”

Xander raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, the doubts in his eyes were all silent.

For a moment, Yves was stunned, feeling a little troubled in his heart.

However, he thought. ‘If I wanted to stand as high as Rosalie, it was essential to cling to the Lancer family.’

Thinking of this, Yves suppressed the displeasure in his heart, and casually talked about his relationship with Rosalie.

“We have known each other since Dr. Jacobs went abroad, and we have cooperated many times since then. After I returned to Somerland, I thought that I would lose contact with Dr. Jacobs, but I didn’t expect that Dr. Jacobs also returned to the country as well. Shortly after that, she even jointly ran this research institute with me.”

When speaking, Yves casually looked at Xander’s expression.

“Although Dr. Jacobs has not returned to China for a long time, the two of us have already cooperated to solve a lot of troubles in the institute.”

Every bit of Yves’ words implicitly showed that he had a close relationship with Rosalie.

On the one hand, he wanted to use his connection with Rosalie to get in contact with the Lancer family.

On the other hand, he was also trying to be more convincing with his words just now and save some face for himself.

Xander listened to his words calmly.

At the end, he just smiled noncommittally. “It seems that the relationship between Dr. Graham and Miss Jacobs should be very close.”

Yves did not smile.

Xander threw a curveball instead. “However, your relationship seemed to just be limited to work. In private, you both don’t seem to have any connection.”

The expression on Yves’s face froze suddenly.

There really was no personal relationship between him and Rosalie.

This was what Yves had always been troubled by.

After all, the time they knew each other was no shorter than the time Rosalie and Xander knew each other.

However, he only went to her house once, to give Rosalie the medicine she needed.

Even that time, he just stood in the courtyard of Rosalie’s house for a while, and he could not even enter the door.

As for Rosalie’s two children, when she took them to the research institute abroad, he happened to meet them a few times.

After returning to Somerland, he never saw them again.

But Xander, despite having only known each other recently, the man seemed to be very familiar with her two children.

He even knew about the two kids being sick.

This made Yves more convinced that the relationship between Xander and Rosalie was too close, and he felt more and more jealous.

“It’s getting late, Dr. Graham. If there’s nothing else, I should go too.”

Xander was too lazy to pay attention to Yves’s petty thoughts, He bid goodbye to the man, and got into the car.

Although the Lancer family was a medical family, Xander was also considered a businessman.

In front of him, Yves’s thoughts were almost written on his face.

Seeing Xander getting into the car, Yves suddenly came back to his senses. His eyes were full of anger as he stared at the back of the car where Xander had gone.

‘I don’t believe after having said so much just now, Xander didn’t understand what I meant.’

‘Xander must have understood my purpose, but he did not intend to interfere.’

‘In this case, he could change the subject, or directly interrupt me.’

‘However, this Xander did not! ’

‘He just watched me talk to myself like a fool!’

Yves angrily punched the wall of the research institute at the thought of Xander even guiding himself to continue speaking just now, consciously or unintentionally!

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