My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Shut Her Out of The Door

Meanwhile, Rosalie kept thinking about Byron and Estelle on the way back.

After a long dilemma, Rosalie clenched her fist hard to calm herself down.

Before she settled the issue about Heronial Corporation, there was no evidence to prove that Byron was behind this.

She could not prove that Byron did it because of her either.

Therefore, she did not need to feel bad now.

That thought swirled around in her mind several times before she reluctantly let go of the matter.

What was left to worry about was Estelle.

Rosalie wondered how Estelle was and if she was still crying.

She even wondered if Byron had brought Estelle to her house.

With this in mind, Rosalie took out her phone to check for missed calls or messages.

She looked at it several times, yet nothing was on the screen.

“Sir, please hurry up.” After being disappointed for a while, Rosalie decided to urge the taxi driver.

The driver agreed and sped up gradually.

20 minutes later, the taxi slowly pulled over at Rosalie’s house.

Rosalie quickly opened the door, got out of the car, and walked to her house.

At the same time, Lucian and Nox heard noises from the door.

They got up to answer the door, thinking it was Daddy and Estelle.

Since Rosalie left, the little ones had been waiting obediently on the sofa for fear of missing Daddy’s knock on the door.

When they opened the door, the anticipation on their faces gradually turned to worry.

“Mommy, are you done with your work?”

They noticed that their mother’s expression was gloomier than before she left.

Rosalie lifted her head and looked around the living room. It was empty except for the two little ones.

Rosalie’s eyes flashed with disappointment upon seeing that.

Then, she looked at the little ones. “Estie isn’t here?”

The little ones looked at each other. They did not have the heart to tell Mommy the truth.

Their mommy must be more worried about Little Estie than they were.

“Perhaps Mr. Byron will come later because he has something else on now! ”

Lucian was quick in thinking and thought of something to comfort their mommy.

Rosalie forced a smile, yet she still looked disappointed. Her worries about Estelle did not fade.

The little ones looked at their mother, concerned. They had been standing at the door for some time, but their mommy showed no sign of coming in.

They had no idea if it was because she had forgotten something or if it was because of something else.

“Mommy, let’s go inside and wait, ” Nox spoke with his cute voice.

Rosalie snapped out of her deep thought and hesitated. In the end, she refused. “I’ll go to Mr. Byron’s house again to check out. Wait for me to come back home.”

Hearing this, the little ones looked at each other and said without hesitation, “We’ll go with you!”

They were also worried about Estelle. Besides, with their mommy’s current state, she looked too devastated to drive.

Rosalie knew that the little ones were worried about her. She smiled and comforted the little ones, “stay at home so you can inform me if Estie is here, okay?”

When she said this, the little ones hesitated for a moment. Then, they nodded their heads obediently.

Rosalie stroked the little ones’ heads and watched them lock the door before she got into her car. Then, she drove to Lawrence Manor.

Along the way, Rosalie felt uneasy.

She wondered if Estelle was back home and if they would shut her out of the door this time.

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