My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 882

Chapter 882 I’ve Told Her To Leave

When Rosalie was at Lawrence Manor, she suppressed the uneasy feeling in her and pressed the doorbell.

It was Mrs. Zora who answered the door again.

Mrs. Zora looked at the familiar face on the screen helplessly.

“Mrs. Zora, is Estie back?”

Rosalie looked at the image on the screen carefully.

Mrs. Zora sighed. However, she recalled what Byron had told her and shook her head. “Not yet.”

Rosalie looked disappointed when she heard this, she forced a smile as she asked, “Can I go in and wait for her to come back?”

Mrs. Zora was reluctant to see Rosalie in such a state, but she had to reject her request mercilessly. “Please leave.”

Just now, when Master returned home with Little Lady, he looked displeased. He had told her to ask Rosalie to leave if she came again.

Although Mrs. Zora felt sorry for Rosalie, she could not disobey Byron’s order, especially when he was angry.

Rosalie understood what was going on when Mrs. Zora asked her to leave, she lifted her head and looked at Estelle’s room window on the second floor.

Mrs. Zora had told her Byron had left home when she came just now and even suggested she called Byron.

This time, Mrs. Zora asked her to leave directly.

It meant Mrs. Zora knew Byron would not want to meet Rosalie. Hence, Byron must be back with Estelle.

Rosalie felt anxiousness surging her when she thought of Estelle and pleaded when she spoke.

“I won’t go in, but will you tell me how Estelle is doing now?”

She would feel better if she knew how the little one was doing.

Mrs. Zora sighed and still shook her head as she looked at Rosalie helplessly.

Byron was not that angry when he left.

However, he looked mad when he returned.

He even told Mrs. Zora not to tell Rosalie about anything with Estelle.

It seemed he was still angry because of Rosalie.

Mrs. Zora had no idea what had happened within those few hours.

When Mrs. Zora rejected Rosalie’s request, Rosalie’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

After staring at the second floor for a long time and seeing no movement from the little girl’s room, Rosalie left while feeling dejected.

Looking at Rosalie leaving disappointedly, Mrs. Zora felt terrible.

After Rosalie left, Mrs. Zora sighed and headed to the second floor.


Estelle’s bedroom door was wide open. Byron was sitting by Estelle’s bed in the room, looking at the little one sleeping soundly. Mrs. Zora called him softly.

Byron lifted his head and looked at the door.

When their eyes met, Mrs. Zora subconsciously glanced at the little one on the bed.

Byron lifted his eyebrow curiously and headed to the door. “What’s the matter?”

“Just now Ma…” Mrs. Zora paused. “Miss Jacobs came.”

Byron looked at her but did not respond.

Mrs. Zora understood Byron’s intention, she lowered her head and said, “I told her to leave.”

Byron nodded, turned around, and walked back into the little one’s room.

When Byron sat by the bed, he glanced out the little one’s room window.

Estelle’s room window faced the manor’s gate, so he could see everything at the entrance.

Byron sneered at the sight of no one at the gate, and his face turned gloomy.

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