My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Call Mr. Byron

Rosalie snapped out of her daze, smiled at her sons, and said, “It’s nothing. He’s asking me if I’m back home.”

The little ones, of course, did not buy it and stared at her.

After a short disruption from Xander’s call, Rosalie’s attention was back to Estelle’s matter.

Looking at her dark mobile screen, Rosalie hesitated before searching for Byron’s number in her contact list.

Even though she knew Byron might not answer her call, she thought she should try it.

It was better than waiting at home doing nothing.

With that thought in mind, Rosalie clenched her fist and tried hard to remain calm as she dialed Byron’s number.

Soon, the call went through, and Byron’s name popped out on her phone screen.

The little ones quieted down when they saw their mommy calling their daddy.

Their anxiousness overtook their curiosity about the phone call from Xander just now.

Meanwhile, Byron was on the second floor of Lawrence Manor, in Estelle’s room.

His phone rang suddenly.

Estelle frowned in her sleep upon hearing the loud ringtone.

Byron was displeased. He covered Estelle’s ears with his big hands and glanced at the caller ID on his phone screen.

A strange feeling arose in him when he saw the caller ID.

Byron knew Rosalie was sincerely worried about Estelle.

However, he wanted to know which was more important to Rosalie —her job or Estelle.

“Daddy, why aren’t you answering the phone?” Estelle asked when the phone kept ringing even after a long time.

The call had gone through, but no one answered from the other end of the call. It kept ringing for a long time.

It rang until a mechanical woman’s voice sounded. Only then did Rosalie hang up the call disappointedly.

As she had expected, Byron would not answer her call.

Although Rosalie was anxious, she tried to convince herself.

Since Byron refused to answer her call, it meant Estelle’s condition was temporarily under control. 1

The little ones had not expected their daddy to not answer their mommy’s call.

It seemed their mommy had called their daddy countless times.

They could guess that their mommy had pissed off their daddy this time.

However, they did not feel it was right for their daddy to conceal Estelle’s condition from them.

The little ones were furious.

The living room fell silent again.

Suddenly, Lucian’s smartwatch rang. It was time for him to look through that day’s stock market.

Lucian turned off the alarm decisively.

Lucian did not have the mood to care about the stock market at the moment. He would try to earn back the money even if he lost money because of it.

He knew money could not buy back Little Estie if anything happened to her.

When Rosalie heard the little one’s alarm, an idea popped up in her mind. She looked at Lucian.

Aware of his mommy’s gaze, Lucian lifted his head and looked at her in a puzzle.

Rosalie’s gaze fell on the little one’s smartwatch, she frowned as she suggested, “Lucian, why don’t you call Mr. Byron with your smartwatch?”

Byron was not answering her calls because he was mad at her.

However, the kids were innocent. Byron would answer if they were the ones who called.

Hearing their mother’s words, the little ones suddenly remembered that they could call Daddy.

The little ones nodded without hesitation.

Lucian searched Byron’s number from his contact list skillfully and dialed it.

Rosalie was surprised that the little one had Byron’s number saved in his smartwatch.

She did not remember saving Byron’s number in their smartwatch for them.

‘Where did they get his number?’ Rosalie wondered.

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