My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Full of Disappointment

Meanwhile, Byron, who was in Lawrence Manor, heard his phone ring again.

Looking at the incoming call, Byron frowned and hesitated for a while. Eventually, he took his phone and walked out of the room to answer it.

Byron had no reason to decline the kids’ call, no matter why they called or what situation he was in.

After all, if the little ones had called him for help and he chose not to answer, he was worried something would happen to the little ones.

Although the possibility was small, he still feared it might happen.

“Lucian, what’s wrong?”

Lucian greeted Byron with his cute voice and looked at his mommy cautiously.

Rosalie tried hard to calm down and smile at her son, beckoning him to continue.

Only then did Lucian ask, “Mommy told US Estie cried. How is she now?”

The little one deliberately mentioned his mommy to let Daddy know that Mommy was the one who told them to ask him.

Byron’s gaze deepened when he heard Lucian’s words.

He suspected Rosalie might be the one who asked the little ones to call him, but he did not expect the little ones to be so frank “Is Estie still crying?”

Lucian waited for Byron to answer but heard nothing. Confused, he repeated his question and turned on the speaker.

He did that so that Rosalie could hear their conversation.

However, on the other end of the call, Byron remained silent.

Byron hesitated whether he should tell Lucian about Estelle’s condition.

Rosalie would know if he told Lucian about it.

He wanted to use this chance to teach Rosalie a lesson and make her understand the importance of her child compared to her work.

Lucian could guess his daddy’s intention and asked pitifully, “Mr. Byron, are you angry at Mommy? We can keep it a secret from Mommy. My brother and I are worried about Estie. Can you please tell us how Estie is now?”

Nox also said, “Mr. Byron, please let us know! ”

The little ones’ voices sounded pitiful.

They sounded so sad that even Byron gave in. After a moment of silence, he chose to tell them the truth.

“Estie has fallen asleep. She’s fine for now. Don’t worry. I’m the one who made Estie cry. I’ll be responsible for coaxing her.”

Hearing this, the little ones breathed a sigh of relief and looked at their mother.

Their mommy should be relieved since Estelle was fine for now.

The worried look on Rosalie’s face did not fade.

According to Byron, Estelle slept as she wept.

Rosalie wondered if the little one would cry again after getting up later.

Thinking of this, Rosalie opened her mouth, wanting to say something.

It would be better if she visited Estelle.

However, she thought of something else. Then, she remained silent again and looked at the little ones, trying to seek their help.

The little ones understood their mommy’s intention.

Nox spoke in his cute voice, trying to convince Byron. “Mr. Byron, can you let Mommy take us to visit Estie?

Hearing their words, Rosalie stared at the smartwatch nervously as though she was trying to see that man’s reaction through it.

However, she heard Byron refuse without hesitation. “It’s okay. You can meet her at school tomorrow if you’re worried about her.”

The little ones’ faces turned gloomy, and Rosalie looked disappointed.

Noticing their mommy’s disappointment, the little ones tried hard to think of a solution.

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