My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Feeling Uneasy

‘TH hang up the call if you’re done speaking.”

Byron waited for a while. Since the little ones were not speaking anymore, he decided to hang up the call.

Hearing this, the little ones quickly stopped him. “Mr. Byron, wait!”

Byron did as the little ones asked and waited for them to speak.

Nox glanced at his Mommy cautiously. Then, he held Lucian’s smartwatch and said, “Mr. Byron, are you busy with your work? If you’re busy, you can send Estie here. Mommy and we will take good care of her.”

After saying that, the little one subconsciously held his breath, waiting for Byron’s answer.

Byron had refused them when they requested to visit Estelle just now.

It was highly likely that Byron would reject this request too.

However, the little ones felt they should ask no matter what.

Maybe their daddy would agree!

Rosalie did not expect the little ones to ask that and was also nervous.

A deep voice came from the other end of the call a moment later. “It’s alright. I’ll take care of Estie.”

After saying that, Byron hung up the call without giving them more chance to speak.

The little ones wanted to say something, but it was too late. They turned around and looked at their mommy, feeling wronged.

Dejected, the glow in Rosalie’s eyes dimmed.

Seeing the little ones’ disappointed expressions, Rosalie forced a smile and touched her sons’ heads, trying to comfort them.

‘Thank you, sweethearts. Don’t worry. At least Mr. Byron said Estie is alright, right?”

The little ones nodded sweetly.

Although they were still worried, their mommy would be more upset if they showed it.

“How did you get Mr. Byron’s number, though?” Rosalie looked at the two little ones, confused.

They were not the only ones who had Byron’s number. When Byron answered the call, he did not even ask who was on the line and called out Lucian’s name.

Obviously, the little ones must have contacted Byron before.

Rosalie did not remember calling Byron using Lucian’s smartwatch.

They might have gotten Byron’s number without her knowing.

Realizing this, Rosalie doubted many things.

The two little ones did not expect their mommy to notice this, and they looked away guiltily.

After a while, Lucian made up his mind and answered, “We got it on the day you were drunk, Mommy. Mr. Byron gave US his number and said we would call him anytime if we needed anything.”

Rosalie recalled the day she was drunk and how Byron had sent her back home.

It would make sense if Byron and the little ones exchanged contacts that day.

Rosalie did not think much about it anymore. She stroked their hair and said, “Don’t disturb Mr. Byron by calling him all the time.”

When the little ones saw that Mommy was not suspicious about the matter anymore, they were relieved and nodded their heads obediently.

Rosalie sat in the living room with the little ones for a while. Noticing it was almost noon, she got up and headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the little ones.

In the living room, the two little ones whispered.

“Lucian, is Estie really fine?” Nox played with his fingers, trying to divert his anxiousness.

“I don’t know,” Lucian pursed his lips as he looked at Nox seriously.

However, they did not think Estelle was fine from their daddy’s tone of voice.

Although their daddy did not say so, they could more or less guess that Estelle must have fallen asleep because she was too tired from crying.

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