My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 891

Chapter 891 stay Back And Play

There was no one on the screen.

“Who is it?” Mrs. Zora asked in a puzzle.

After a while, a cute voice came from outside. “Mrs. Zora, we’re Lucian and Nox. Can you please open the door so we can see Estie?”

As they spoke, they went on tiptoes. Mrs. Zora saw two similar pairs of eyes through the screen.

Mrs. Zora had gone to Rosalie’s place to take care of the kids for some time and remembered those kids.

Mrs. Zora’s heart melted upon hearing the little ones’ voices. However, she remembered Byron’s order and turned around to get his permission.

Noticing Mrs. Zora had not answered them, they quickly added, ‘We came by ourselves. Mommy isn’t with us!”

Both Byron and Estelle heard those words.

Byron frowned and nodded at Mrs. Zora, beckoning her to open the gate for the little ones.

Meanwhile, Estelle was a little disappointed, and the anticipation in her eyes faded.

She thought Auntie had come looking for her.

‘Why isn’t Auntie here? Even Lucian and Nox have come to visit,’ Estelle thought.

The gate of the manor opened slowly.

Lucian and Nox’s eyes lit up, and they let out a relieved sigh.

They thought Daddy would not even let them in!

Fortunately, what they worried about did not happen. The little ones held hands and ran into the manor.

Mrs. Zora opened the door for the little ones to enter the house.

They ran straight into the living room, where they saw Estelle sitting on Byron’s lap.

“Hello, Mr. Byron.”

The two little boys suppressed their urge to check Estelle’s condition and politely greeted Byron.

Byron lifted his head and glanced at the door behind the little ones.

As expected, there was no sign of Rosalie.

After a moment, Byron withdrew his line of sight. He calmly nodded at the little ones and asked, “How did you get here?”

The little ones looked at each other and brushed Byron off with a vague answer, ‘We took a taxi here. The driver was nice.”

They were telling the truth. When the driver took the fare, he accepted less money from them because they were kids and watched them walk into the manor before leaving.

Byron’s forehead puckered upon hearing their answer, and he changed his question. “Did your mommy ask you to come here?”

The little ones pretended to feel guilty and nodded cautiously. “Can’t we come here by ourselves? We’re worried about Estie.”

Then, they stared at Estelle, who was on Byron’s lap.

When Estelle heard it was Rosalie who asked Lucian and Nox to visit her, she hid her disappointment and pleaded with her daddy with her cute voice.

“Daddy, I want to play with Lucian and Nox!”

Byron caressed Estelle’s hair and agreed.

“Since your mommy agreed to let you come, you can stay back and play with Estie.”

Then, Byron put Estelle down.

The little one immediately ran toward the little boys.

When Estelle was approaching then, Lucian and Nox saw Estelle’s swollen eyes and felt sorry for her.

Estelle must have cried a lot, causing her eyes to swell.

Estelle did not know what was in Lucian’s and Nox’s minds. She held their hand and suggested, “Let’s go upstairs and play!”

Lucian and Nox nodded. They asked for Byron’s permission before heading upstairs with Estelle.

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