My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Calm Down

“As long as I think it’s effective, it’s not despicable.”

After a while, Byron retracted his gaze and responded coldly.

Rosalie’s eyes trembled slightly, and she nodded self-deprecatingly. “I guess I’m not far-sighted enough.”

Byron looked at her deeply and suddenly opened his mouth again. He spoke in a much softer tone than before.

“If you’re willing, I can reserve you the position of Heronial Corporation’s technical advisor.”

Hearing this, Rosalie frowned and looked at him in confusion.

‘The man was clearly still furious just now.

‘But in the blink of an eye, he’s extending an olive branch to me.

‘Is he… giving me a chance to save the situation?’

Rosalie could not help but feel a little ridiculous over this thought.

Byron did not wait long for her answer. The hand holding her wrist tightened again.

“Whatever resources that the Lancers offered you, Lawrence Corporation can provide the same.”

Rosalie clearly felt that the surrounding pressure was gradually increasing, and her heart sank unconsciously.

After she calmed down for a few seconds, she refused calmly. “No, it’s alright. There are many better doctors than me. With Lawrence Corporation’s financial resources, it’s possible to choose a more respected doctor for this position.”

The reason Rosalie agreed to be a consultant for Heronial Corporation was only because of their project.

Since Heronial Corporation would be acquired by Lawrence Corporation, it would have nothing to do with Lancer Corporation’s project.

There was no need for Rosalie to get involved.

However, in Byron’s mind, these words only convinced him that the woman had chosen Xander over himself.

This made Byron deeply heartbroken, and his eyes were full of storms. ’ What if I insist on having you?”

Rosalie frowned. “There are some things that Lawrence Corporation can’t give me, so don’t force me.”

As she said that, the man suddenly came in front of her.

The two were almost toe-to-toe.

Rosalie took a step back subconsciously.

Alas, she had almost retreated to the door just now, and this step made her back up directly against the wall behind her.

Rosalie looked back subconsciously.

When she turned around again, the man had already taken this opportunity and the distance between them was so close that they could feel each other’s breath.

Rosalie’s eyes widened in a panic. She raised her hand and tried to push him away. “What are you trying to do? Let me go!”

Her outstretched hand was easily grasped by the man.

For a while, both of Rosalie’s hands were shackled by the man and pressed on the top of her head.

Byron looked at the woman in front of him with burning eyes. “I gave you a chance!”

Then, he leaned over.

Rosalie had no choice but to watch the man’s face come right in front of her.

The moment the tips of their noses touched, Rosalie trembled unconsciously.

Before she could react, a soft touch fell on her lips.

Rosalie struggled indiscriminately while trying to say something, but the man freed up a hand, grabbed her chin, and forced her to open her mouth. She could not speak a complete sentence.

Byron’s kiss went deeper and deeper, and his breath on her face became hotter and hotter.

Rosalie’s heart was tense, and in a panic, she bit down hard.

The next second, the man groaned, covered the corners of his lips, and backed away from her.

The two looked at each other in silence for a long time with different emotions in their eyes.

Byron pressed the corner of his bleeding mouth and looked at the woman in front of him with a heavy gaze. The darkness in his eyes did not subside. Rosalie silently pinched her palm to calm herself down.

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