My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 900

Chapter 900 There’s No Need

Rosalie raised her eyes and looked at her two little boys.

Lucian and Nox noticed their mommy’s gaze, raised their eyes guiltily, and smiled at her. Then, they turned their eyes away nonchalantly.

Rosalie found it strange in her heart, then gradually understood what had happened.

‘No wonder Byron asked me that.’

These two little boys actually used her name to see Estie.

Realizing this, Rosalie felt helpless for a while but did not say anything.

After all, the boys really wanted to visit Estie.

Estie’s mood had also improved, presumably because of their presence.

“Are you feeling any discomfort now?” Rosalie looked at Estie’s face with concern.

The little girl shook her head sweetly and said in her innocent voice, ‘The little brothers were here to play with me!”

Rosalie felt relieved, knowing that her predictions were correct.

“Why did Auntie come so late? Did you just finish work?” Estie turned her attention to her.

Hearing this, Rosalie suddenly remembered Byron’s question when she was downstairs just now.

For a while, Rosalie did not know how to answer the little girl.

Fortunately, Estie did not expect her to answer. She just reminded her kindly. “Auntie, don’t be too tired. Take care of your body!”

Rosalie was moved by the little girl’s innocence. Her eyes trembled as she nodded in agreement.

Ì know. Let me do a check-up for you, okay?”

The little girl reached out her hand obediently.

Rosalie grabbed the little girl’s wrist and checked her pulse.

Although she could not diagnose the little girl’s psychological condition, at least she could check on the little one’s physical condition for peace of mind.

After some inspection, it was confirmed that the little girl was fine. Rosalie was relieved.

“It’s getting late. I’m going to take the little brothers back. Let’s meet another day, okay?”

Rosalie touched the little girl’s head and slowly straightened up.

She was reluctant to leave the little girl, but she did not want to face the man behind her even more.

Especially after what happened just now.

Hearing this, the little girl who was smiling just now suddenly lost her smile and stared at her pitifully.

Behind them, Byron’s eyes darkened abruptly.

‘This woman… Even after seeing Estie cry because of her, she can actually walk away so ruthlessly?!’

The atmosphere in the room suddenly stiffened.

Mrs. Zora took a look at the situation and bit the bullet, attempting to smooth things out. “Actually, I’m going to prepare dinner now. Why don’t you stay and eat together, Miss Jacobs?”

After speaking, she was afraid that Rosalie would refuse directly, so she added. “Lucian and Nox should also be hungry by now.”

The two boys nodded in cooperation.

Rosalie hesitated for a few seconds, but in the end, she still refused.” Thank you for your kindness, but I’ll take them back for dinner.”

If she stayed for dinner after whatever happened just now, she was afraid Byron would misunderstand.

Moreover, as the owner of the manor, Byron had not spoken yet, so she had no reason to accept the invitation.

Her answer was just as Byron expected.

Still, he could not help feeling displeased.

“If you refused because of Heronial Corporation, then there’s no need for that.”

Rosalie was stunned, and her heart was surging.

He clearly knew why she refused, but he still had to put the blame on her. He was essentially blaming her for being unable to distinguish between work and personal matters.

When the children heard it, they would think it was her fault.

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