My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Did They Quarrel Again

Rosalie heard that anxiousness in their voices and reluctantly suppressed the thoughts in her heart.

“Mummy is not angry, I would like to thank you all. Thankfully, you boys comforted little sister.”

Although the actions of the little boys caused a misunderstanding to Byron, Rosalie knew in her heart that if the little boys had not gone to Estie, the little girl’s mood will not improve so easily.

Hearing Mommy’s words, the little boys were relieved, but they were still a little cautious.

Lucian obediently got into Rosalie’s arms. “Mommy, I’m sorry, we won’t sneak out anymore.”

Although the lights in the carriage were dim, Mommy’s tiredness was still visible to the naked eye.

The boy felt that he did nothing wrong, but now he felt guilty.

Nox also got into his mother’s arms and apologized.

Rosalie wrapped her arms around the little boys soothingly, and gently stroked their hair. “Mommy knows, you are worried about your little sister.”

The little boys nodded guilty.

They really cared about little sister, but they also had another motive, and they dared not let Mommy know.

All the way home, Rosalie saw from a distance that the lights in the villa were on, and she could not help feeling a little nervous.

Outside their main door, Rosalie just wanted the little boys to wait a while as she went in to check first.

Suddenly, someone opened the door from inside.

“You guys are back!”

Mary looked at the three people at the door, relieved.

After she left the Li Family Manor, she went directly back to Rosalie’s house and waited for them to come back.

After all, she still worried about the two little boys.

Rosalie breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of her own best friend, followed by a burst of emotions.


The two little boys were oblivious, and looked at the person at the door, puzzled.

Mary pretended to be serious and squatted down to meet their eyes.” Come here and let Godmother look at you.”

The little boys walked up to her obediently.

Mary checked carefully and confirmed that the little boys were not injured before she started to sternly teach them a lesson.

“Both of you, do you know how worried we were this afternoon? No more running away like that next time, okay? Even if you want to go out, you must inform Mommy first.”

Only then did they realize that in the afternoon, Mommy must have gone to Godmother and looked for them together.

Realizing this, the two little boys bowed their heads apologetically. “We are sorry, Godmother, we know now.”

Mary glared at the two little boys angrily, “Thankfully you wore that watch, you must wear it at all times, okay?”

The little boys nodded quickly.

After she gave the little boys an earful, Mary got up and looked at her best friend.

She noticed Rosalie’s slightly tired face and could not help but worry.” What’s the matter? Did you and President Lawrence…”

She wanted to ask if the two had quarreled again.

However, she stopped mid-sentence, she suddenly remembered the two little boys at her feet.

Rosalie knew what her best friend was going to say and smiled at her casually. “No, I’m just too tired today.”

Mary looked at her suspiciously for a while but did not think much of it.

Indeed, just this afternoon, the two little boys getting lost was enough to make one feel overwhelmed.

As for what happened in the Lawrence manor, she had no way of knowing, she only knew that her best friend must have exerted a lot of effort.

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