My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Feit stranger Than Ever

Until the fire went out and the firefighters confirmed that it was safe, only then Rosalie was able to approach the research institute.

Just one glance, Rosalie’s heart sank completely.

She worried all morning, for fear that there was a problem with the medicinal materials she brought back yesterday.

Unexpectedly, the place where the fire started was coincidentally the storage room where they kept the medicinal materials.

Not only the medicinal herbs they moved in yesterday, but also all the medicinal herbs they had stored before were gone.

Fortunately, Yves called the authorities in time, and the fire did not spread to other places…

“This…” Yves stood beside her, looking at the burned-out storage room, a little dumbfounded.

Rosalie sighed lightly. “Fortunately, there were no casualties, and the fire did not spread to other places.”

Yves also sighed helplessly. “Such a shame that all your efforts yesterday were wasted.”

The group worked hard to move those materials all morning was one matter. Rosalie and Xander obtaining the materials from Heronial Corporation must have taken a lot of effort.

Hearing this, Rosalie frowned again.

With this batch of medicinal materials burnt, it would be difficult to find them later.

However, now was not the time for her to worry about this.

Rosalie turned around and looked at Yves. “Dr. Graham, please find out why the research institute caught fire.”

If the material spontaneously ignited, then she could only consider herself unlucky.

But, if someone deliberately set the fire, Rosalie could not keep such a person in the institute.

Yves simply agreed and took someone with him to the surveillance room.

Rosalie asked the fire brigade to help her find the source of the fire in the storage room. 1

They searched for a while but found nothing.

“In the number of fire emergencies we received in a year, fires in research sites like these are rare, but most of them are caused by improper storage of materials.”

The firefighters explained. ‘This could be the reason your research institute caught fire.”

In this case, the fire source had also been burnt away.

So, they cannot find it anywhere.

Rosalie still felt that something was not right, but when she heard what they said, she could only nod suspiciously. “Ah, okay. Thanks for your help.”

The firefighter nodded and returned to the team.

The captain greeted Rosalie and left with his team members.

For a while, only Rosalie and the research institute staff were left at the entrance of the institute.

Rosalie’s heart was full of disbelief at the firefighter’s words just now.

The source of the fire could not be found, so the cause of the fire is likely to be what the firefighters said.

‘But, for all these years, the research institute has been doing well. The medicinal materials were mostly the same few kinds we’d always used. The people present were all long-time staff of the research institute. How could such a mistake be made?1

Rosalie was puzzled, anxious and annoyed.

After a long while, Rosalie turned around and looked at the staff behind her, with an unprecedented solemn expression.

“Which one of you was the first to arrive this morning?”

Someone whispered back, “It’s Dr. Graham, the key to the research institute had always been in his keep. He was always the first to arrive during workdays, after he opened the door only we could enter.”

Hearing this, Rosalie frowned slightly, and felt stranger than ever.

‘According to him, except for Yves, it was impossible for anyone else to get in.’

‘But why would Yves do such a thing?*

‘What’s more, he personally called the authorities.’

Rosalie did not believe that Yves would do such a lowly thing.

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