My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Surveillance Was Broken

After some deliberation, Rosalie put aside her suspicions about Yves, and looked up at the people in front of her.

“Apart from this time, have you checked the medicines in the storage room on time?”

The researcher who was in charge of medicine inventory last week quickly came forth.

“Last week, I checked every storage room and confirmed that there was no problem before I left.”

Rosalie glanced at the researcher, who was also an old-timer of the institute; there was no reason to doubt his work ethic.

Everyone who worked in a research institute understands how dangerous improper storage of medicines can be.

Therefore, no one dared to be careless in this regard.

‘However, if it was true like he said, when the team was on holiday last week and there were no problems with the inventory, how could it suddenly burn?’

Rosalie could not figure that out the more she thought about it, so she just nodded silently.

“Now that the fire is out, except for this storage room, other places can still be used normally. Let US all do what we have to do today.”

After speaking, Rosalie nodded to everyone, turned, and walked to the surveillance room.

Now, it seemed like only the surveillance room will be able to give her an answer.

‘I wonder if Yves noticed anything.’

Thinking of this, Rosalie quickened her pace.

As soon as she approached the surveillance room, she saw Yves coming out.

Looking at each other, Rosalie’s heart sank slightly.

It seemed that Yves’s face looked rather sour, as if he had not got any useful clues.

“How is it? Did you find anything?” Rosalie asked him, still hopeful.

Yves frowned and shook his head. “I didn’t see anything.”

Hearing this, Rosalie’s eyebrows twitched suddenly.

Yves also frowned. “I don’t know how to explain this, so come and see for yourself.”

After speaking, he turned around and brought Rosalie to the monitor, and turned on the surveillance footage for this morning.

Rosalie stared at it for a while, her brows tightening.

From the surveillance, except for a burst of black smoke, she could not see anything.

It does not look like the fire started this morning at all.

There should have been signs of the fire way earlier, perhaps a few hours past midnight.

“Can I still watch the earlier surveillance?” Rosalie looked back at Yves.

Yves frowned and shook his head. “I don’t know what happened, but the surveillance from yesterday afternoon to this morning had failed.”

After that, Yves rewind the footage for her.

On the screen was just white noise and static, just like a system malfunction.

Rosalie’s heart sank again.

Although, she trusted the institute’s staff and did not see any reason for them to do so.

But the facts were in plain sight.

Rosalie did not believe it was such a coincidence that the surveillance had malfunctioned, this was clearly intentional.

After a while, Rosalie looked away from the screen and nodded to Yves. ‘I see, let’s go.”

Yves nodded, turned off the monitor behind her, looked at the back of her leaving, and a coldness appeared in his eyes.

When Rosalie turned around to urge him, his face returned to indifference.

“How is it, do you know what’s going on?”

Rosalie lowered her eyebrows, hiding her emotions. “I don’t know yet; I’ll ask them later to make sure.

As she thought about the possible answer she would get later, her heart was heavy.

Yves did not ask any more questions and followed her all the way to the experimental area.

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