My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Great Hero Of Ten Years

In the experiment area, the shock from the fire had just settled and the researchers have thrown themselves into their work.

When they saw the two coming in from outside, everyone stopped in unison.

Rosalie’s face was not a good look, she raised her eyes and glanced at everyone’s faces. “Who came to the research institute yesterday afternoon?

Since it was such a coincidence that the surveillance malfunctioned, Rosalie could only think of someone had come in at that time.

Everyone looked at each other, and no one answered for a while.

Yesterday was Sunday, a rare day off. Without anything important, who would come to the institute?

What’s more, it has something to do with the fire right now.

Even if someone had been there, they dare not say a word.

There was an imposing aura all over Rosalie, and her gaze moved coldly across everyone’s faces.

’I never want to blindly suspect anybody, and I can’t think of the reason why our research institute staff do this. However, all the evidence showed that this incident is likely caused by an insider. So whoever it is, please admit to it, don’t cause unnecessary trouble to other colleagues.”

After speaking, Rosalie added indifferently. “This fire has caused great losses to the research institute. If I find out, a prison lawsuit cannot be avoided. But now, if someone takes the initiative to stand up, we can still discuss.”

Everyone lowered their heads when they met her gaze.

For a while, the experimental area was silent except for the sound of the liquid churning in the lab machine.

“Ahem.” Yves suddenly coughed softly, breaking the rigid atmosphere.

Among the staff, a man trembled imperceptibly.

Rosalie’s eyes were already attracted by Yves, and she did not notice something else going on the other side.

Yves said eloquently, “There is something that I have been hiding from you, but when I heard you say that I think it is better to tell that person.”

After speaking, Yves raised his eyes and glanced at the crowd.

His voice was not too loud or too soft, just enough for everyone to hear clearly.

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

According to Yves’ tone, it was very likely an insider from the research institute did this!

In an instant, everyone looked at the faces around them, guessing if there might be an insider among them.

In just a few minutes, paranoia swept across the group of researchers.

Rosalie’s heart sank completely, but she suppressed the anger in her heart, waiting for Yves’ next words.

After that, it is very likely to point out the real culprit.

She wanted to see who it was, who would do something so detrimental to the institute!

Yves cleared his throat again, as if giving that person a chance to come clean forthemselves.

“Yesterday afternoon…”

Yves began. Then suddenly, there was a commotion among the staff.

Yves’ voice stopped abruptly.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the direction of the commotion.

“It’s me.”

A thin man walked out of the crowd with his head lowered and stood in front of Rosalie with an apologetic face.

When they saw the person in front of them, everyone was stunned.

“Old Douglas Abe?”

“How could it be? How could Old Doug do such a thing? He was a great hero who has worked in our research institute for almost ten years…”

The crowd chatter started.

Rosalie also found this very unbelievable.

Although she had not been part of the institute for a longtime, she knew a lot about the employees in it.

The person in front of her had some qualifications in the research institute, and he always looked very honest, unlike someone who would do such a thing.

Rosalie could not think of the reason why he did this.

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