My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Hot Potato

Yves felt he had given Rosalie enough hints. He said nothing more and left.

As Rosalie watched the office door close slowly, her smile faded.

The only possible person she could think of was Byron. 1

If it were really that man…

Rosalie had no idea what was in Byron’s mind.

She still remembered the kiss from last night.

It made her wonder if it was just like Xander had guessed. Did that person plan this just because of her?

Rosalie’s mind was a mess for the time being.

Meanwhile, Heronial Corporation was in chaos.

After two departments investigated them, the past deeds of the Heronial Corporation were dug out.

Director Spiros had to go to court and prison. He was so anxious that he had no idea what to do.

Desperate, Director Spiros made up his mind and called Xander.

He thought since he had provided Lancer Corporation with so many medicinal materials and Lancer Corporation had spent lots of money on them, Xander would not leave Heronial Corporation to go bankrupt.

Unexpectedly, Xander did not have the intention to pick up his call even after he called a few times.

Director Spiros’ heart sank, but he still tried his luck by calling Xander’s assistant.

The call went through soon after he dialed.

“It’s me. I’m the chairman of Heronial Corporation…”

Before Director Spiros could finish his words, he was interrupted by the assistant.

“Pardon me, Young Master Xander is busy now. I’ll let him know that you called later.”

Then, the assistant hung up the call without hesitation.

Director Spiros’ face turned pale when he heard the beeping marking the end of the call.

He was experienced in the business industry and instantly knew Xander’s intention.

Lancer Corporation had given up on rescuing Heronial Corporation.

“What should we do now, Director Spiros?” Several higher executives gathered around Director Spiros. Each one of them looked desperate.

Director Spiros, who was already frustrated, became even more agitated when he heard their voices.

‘What should we do? What do you suggest? Am I the only one with a brain? At most, we’ll all go to jail!”

Usually, these executives would flaunt their power. However, they would only think of asking him what they should do at critical times like this!

Director Spiros was so annoyed that he smashed his phone on the ground.” What a bunch of useless people!”

Those executives were afraid at the thought of getting imprisoned.

However, Director Spiros was in a bad mood, and they did not dare to say another word.

Meanwhile, in Lancer Corporation, Xander’s assistant hung up the call and glanced at Xander, who was sitting at his desk.

‘What did he say?”

Xander had always been in the office and had seen the calls from Director Spiros.

It was also at Xander’s order that his assistant answered Director Spiros’ call.

The people in Heronial Corporation were desperate. Xander wanted to see if they could come up with any good ideas.

The assistant shook his head. “Just like you said, he called to ask for your help.”

Hearing this, Xander muttered sarcastically, “Useless bunch of people.”

Director Spiros was the head of a company, yet he still thought of relying on others at critical moments like this.

With such a chairman, it was unsurprising that Heronial Corporation was going bankrupt.

“What do you think we should do to Heronial Corporation now?” Xander lifted his head and glanced at his assistant.

The assistant frowned. “Heronial Corporation has caused so much trouble. It’ll be a hot potato to US if we spare it.”

Xander nodded, beckoning his assistant to continue.

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