My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Under The Thumb Of others

Recalling the 1.2 billion bucks Xander had lavishly spent on Heronial Corporation, Xander’s assistant hesitated to continue.

It was not a small amount of money.

Even if Heronial Corporation was a troublesome matter, helping them would mean their money would not go to waste.

Abandoning them meant they were abandoning the massive amount of money they had invested.

‘Tell me, how do you plan to settle this matter?” Xander frowned and urged.

The assistant stopped hesitating and continued with the suggestion.

“Our corporation’s reputation might be affected if we keep Heronial Corporation. So…”

Xander lifted his eyebrows with interest.

The assistant took a deep breath and continued. ‘The best way to deal with this matter is to abandon Heronial Corporation as soon as possible.”

It would be best before word got out that the executives of Heronial Corporation were in jail.

Xander had the same thought in mind but was also a little distressed by the large sum of money.

Now, to hear someone with the same thought as him, Xander decided to go ahead with his plan.

“We’ll do as you suggested, then,” Xander waved his hand and said. “Hasn’t Lancer Corporation been trying to get Heronial Corporation? Ask them if they still want it now.”

It was pointless asking that. Lawrence Corporation was the one who set this trap up to get Heronial Corporation.

However, the price of the acquisition was uncertain.

Xander felt sorry for the money he had spent. However, when he looked at it from a different angle, he thought he had nothing to regret since it had made him some profit.

It was better than keeping Heronial Corporation, which might bring them bigger trouble in the future.

‘Young Master Xander, are you sure you want to sell Heronial Corporation to Lawrence Corporation?” the assistant asked hesitantly. “Isn’t this what Lawrence Corporation wants?”

Xander frowned and said with displeasure, ‘Who else other than Lawrence Corporation would want to purchase Heronial Corporation now?”

The other companies would not have the guts to purchase Heronial even if they wanted to.

The assistant nodded. “I’ll ask them.”

The assistant then left the office.

The moment the door closed, Xander shoved all the documents on the table to the ground.

He was in a bad mood.

Meanwhile, Heronial Corporation did not intend to wait for Lancer Corporation’s help anymore.

Since Lancer Corporation was not going to back them up, they had to seek Lawrence Corporation’s help shamelessly.

Unlike Xander, Byron answered the call soon after Director Spiros dialed the number.

“Director Spiros, I haven’t heard from you for a long time. Why are you calling now?”

Byron’s voice was deep and sounded a little sarcastic.

Director Spiros shuddered upon hearing Byron’s voice. “M-Mr. Lawrence, please forgive me for breaking our contract before this. I hope you won’t mind…”

Byron sneered.

Director Spiros’ heart sank.

“Director Spiros, did you call me because you’ve realized that Lancer Corporation won’t help you?”

Byron frowned and questioned him.

Director Spiros chuckled helplessly and said, “Mr. Lawrence, please don’t mock me.”

Byron did not want to waste his time on this nonsense. He got directly to the point. “If it’s about the acquisition, you can contact President Quirke.

However, there are some things I hope you know what you should do.”

Director Spiros agreed without hesitation.

Anger due to regrets burst within him after he hung up the call with Byron.

He knew Heronial Corporation would be under the thumb of others in this situation.

Director Spiros knew what Byron was reminding him of. It was about the acquisition price.

He was not in a position where he could bargain with Byron.

If he knew things would turn out like this, he would have chosen Lawrence Corporation instead.

Director Spiros could only fall into regret while looking at the dial interface on his phone screen.

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