My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Wealthy And Generous

The call got through soon after Director Spiros dialed Andrius’ number.

It was easy to cut the acquisition price to a third of the original price because of the previous public outcry.

Director Spiros felt wronged.

He knew Lawrence Corporation and Quirke Corporation would take advantage of the situation to buy his company at a low price. However, he never expected them to ask for such a high discount.

Even so, Director Spiros had no choice but to accept it.

After negotiating the price, Director Spiros contacted Xander again.

Since Director Spiros had already negotiated the price with Andrius, Xander knew he had no chance to negotiate. Hence, he said nothing. All they had to do was to wait for the results and sign the ownership transfer contract.

Two days later, the investigation regarding Heronial Corporation had come to an end.

The senior executives of Heronial Corporation were handcuffed and put on trial for investigation.

Andrius had arrived early to perform the ownership transfer.

As a partner, Byron attended too.

By the time Byron arrived, most of the executives of Heronial Corporation were already in the police vehicles. Only Director Spiros was still signing the contract with his trembling hand.

Andrius approached Byron with a broad smile and shook the document in his hand.

‘The plan worked.”

Byron nodded. “How much is the acquisition price?”

He only dumped the matter to Andrius and did not interfere with it.

Andrius proudly smirked. Byron could guess that the acquisition price was low.

“One-third of the original price.”

Andrius did not say much. Then, he smirked again as he glanced at Director Spiros, who looked dejected. “It serves him right for choosing the wrong side. This is a lesson for him.”

However, the lesson was a little big.

As the mastermind, Andrius did not feel remorse at all.

Byron nodded. The price was almost the same as what he had expected.

“Mr. Lawrence…” Director Spiros greeted Byron as he approached him.

Byron glanced at him coldly and did not answer.

Director Spiros decided to continue, ‘Thank you for your mercy, Mr. Lawrence. Heronial Corporation will do as you order and never go against you!”

As Director Spiros spoke, he secretly observed Byron’s expression.

Byron was still unmoved. All he did was glance at the police vehicles not far away from them.

If Director Spiros was not the one who was familiar with Heronial Corporation, he would be sitting in the police car by now.

Director Spiros glanced in the direction Byron was looking, and he shuddered. Then, he quickly shut his mouth up, afraid that Byron would regret saving him if he spoke another word.

Fortunately, Byron did not pay much attention to him and left with Andrius after they completed the acquisition process.

“Well, Xander even gave Heronial Corporation plenty of money. He sure is wealthy and generous.”

In the car, Andrius glanced through Heronial Corporation’s accounts and saw the 1.2 billion bucks on the records as he commented.

Byron glanced at the accounts expressionlessly. Then, he sneered.

He could see that Xander had tried to help Heronial Corporation, but it was pointless.

That was a lot of money down the drain.

“Serves him right,” Andrius gloated. “He deserves it for trying to snatch what’s yours.”

As he ridiculed, he glanced at Byron intentionally.

He had not mentioned what Xander snatched on purpose. As for what he meant, both of them knew.

Byron’s eyes squinted a little when he thought of that woman.

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