My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Feeling Helpless

However, Byron’s face remained cold, and he was silent.

Looking at his best friend’s reaction, Andrius felt he had wasted his time providing Byron with ideas.

“Don’t you want to do something romantic? What could be more romantic than giving the woman you like a helping hand?”

Byron squinted his eyes and said, “Never mind.”

He would do other romantic stuff, but not this.

After all, Rosalie had brought this upon herself.

This would not have happened if Rosalie had not retrieved the medicinal materials with Xander and accompanied Estelle instead.

Byron blamed Rosalie for the fire too.

Andrius knew nothing about what had happened these few days. As such, he was shocked when Byron refused.

Byron did not explain and looked away, not planning on saying another word.

After a while, Andrius could not help but ask him, “Byron, what are your feelings for Dr. Jacobs?”

In any case, he did not feel that Byron’s attitude was like someone who wanted to win Rosalie’s heart.

Byron frowned and said nothing.

“Let me rephrase the question.” Andrius smiled and continued, “Are you still planning to make Dr. Jacobs your girlfriend?”

This time, Byron looked at him with certainty.

Andrius knew Byron well. He understood Byron meant he was sure to win Rosalie’s heart. Only then was Andrius relieved.

He thought that his best friend had changed his mind after getting into a bad quarrel!

Since Byron still intended to win Rosalie’s heart, everything was fine.

To him, Rosalie was the most suitable person Byron could marry.

It was rare for him to see his best friend speak out about pursuing a woman. Besides, that woman was also Estelle’s birth mother.

Rosalie was the best choice for Byron.

Thinking about that, Andrius felt he had to continue encouraging Byron so that his best friend could get the woman he liked.

Andrius cleared his throat and said, “Well then, you must be more attentive to and considerate toward Dr. Jacobs. Things won’t turn out well if you keep quarreling with her.”

Byron glanced at his friend, displeased. “You think it’s my fault?”

Andrius was speechless.

He had no idea why the two quarreled.

Naturally, he had no idea who was in the wrong.


“No matter whose mistake it was, you must be nicer if you want to win a woman’s heart.”

Andrius advised Byron, “Women are all the same. They wish for the men to apologize first no matter whose fault it was. Moreover, you…”

Andrius paused his words, trying to give Byron a hint with his gaze.

Meeting Andrius’ meaningful gaze, Byron’s brows furrowed.

He knew Andrius was mentioning what had happened six years ago.

Byron did not answer. Andrius decided to say nothing and waited for Byron to think about it.

After a while, a deep voice sounded in the car. “I know.”

Andrius was relieved. “Well, I don’t want to nag, but I’m doing this because of Estie. I’m sure the kid wants to be by her mom’s side if there’s a chance.” Speaking of Estelle, Byron’s gaze turned gloomy again.

He had to admit that Andrius was right.

Estelle’s longing for Rosalie was worse than what Andrius could expect.

Thinking of the little one earnestly wanting him to win Rosalie’s heart, Byron felt helpless.

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