My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Injured In The Fire

Lisa, Rosalie, and the little ones were having dinner when the doorbell rang.

Lisa got up to answer the door.

“Hello, Nanny Lisa!”

A cute voice came from outside the villa.

Then, Lisa spoke, “Miss Jacobs, President Lawrence is here with Estie.”

Rosalie’s hand that was forking her food froze. She did not know how to respond to that.

Byron and Rosalie had not met since what happened that night.

Rosalie had no idea why Byron stopped by her house.

She did not know how to face him.

As she hesitated to let them in, Lucian and Nox greeted Estelle warmly.

“Come in! Estie, have you had dinner yet? If not, join us!”

Estelle, of course, agreed without hesitation.

After a while, the little girl followed Lucian and Nox into the dining area.

Byron and Rosalie said nothing throughout the process. The kids had decided everything on their own.

“Auntie!” When Estelle saw Rosalie, she clung to her.

The other two little ones were accustomed to it and gave up their seats beside their mommy.

Estelle smiled sweetly at the two little ones and sat down beside Rosalie.

“Mr. Byron, join us!” Nox looked at the man in the living room.

Rosalie’s expression froze, and anxiousness surged through her.

If Byron sat opposite her, she would not be able to enjoy this meal.

After a moment, Byron’s deep voice sounded from behind her. “It’s okay.

You can have your meal with Estie.”

Byron looked at Rosalie’s back and sat on the sofa expressionlessly.

Even though Byron had decided not to eat, Rosalie slowed her eating speed, and her mind was a mess.

That afternoon, the public opinion on Heronial Corporation once again made headlines.

In the news, Heronial Corporation’s entrance was empty, and the executives had been handcuffed and stuffed into police vehicles.

As for the fate of Heronial Corporation, there had been rumors, but it was only confirmed today.

Lawrence Corporation had bought over Heronial Corporation.

Apparently, Lawrence Corporation had gotten a considerable discount in the acquisition price as they purchased Heronial Corporation in the current situation.

People wondered if it was Byron who had planned this.

Also, the fire at her research institute…

As those thoughts flashed through her mind, Rosalie felt fear rising in her.

“Auntie, eat,” Estelle placed some food on Rosalie’s plate.

Rosalie snapped out of her daze and forced a smile. ‘Thank you, Estie.”

Concerned, Estelle stared at Rosalie. “Auntie, are you in a bad mood?”

In the past, Rosalie would take care of them when they ate.

However, this time, Rosalie was absent-minded and did not even eat properly herself.

A strange look flashed in Rosalie’s eyes, but she soon suppressed it.

“No. I’ve been busy these two days and am a little tired. Don’t worry, Estie.”

Despite this, the little one stared at Rosalie, worried. She would put some food on Rosalie’s plate from time to time.

At the same time, Byron heard Roslie’s answer. He stared at Rosalie’s back, wanting to know what had happened.

Andrius’ words kept lingering in his mind.

Byron wondered if Rosalie was only tired or if she was injured in the fire, just like Andrius said.

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