My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Not That Easy

Rosalie could feel Byron’s concerned gaze on her.

Although she was sitting with her back facing Byron, she could not ignore that feeling.

Byron’s existence made Rosalie lose her appetite.

“You guys enjoy the meal. I have something to talk to Mr. Byron about.”

Rosalie finished her food quickly and put down her cutlery as she spoke gently to the little ones.

She could no longer ignore Byron’s gaze and wanted to know what he was upto.

The little ones did not think much and nodded their heads obediently.

After notifying the little ones, Rosalie stood up and approached Byron as she said, “Let’s talk in the study.”

The man nodded without questioning anything and followed Rosalie.

“President Lawrence, I wonder why you suddenly paid US a visit today.”

Rosalie stood in the middle of the study and looked at Byron cautiously. “If it’s still about me being a technical adviser to Heronial Corporation, I’ve already refused that offer.”

That was the only possibility she could think of.

Byron noticed that Rosalie was guarding against him and was a little displeased.

The atmosphere in the study was tense.

Subconsciously, Rosalie stared at the man, afraid he would take advantage of her like last night.

Byron gazed at her from top to bottom like he was trying to see through her.

Rosalie’s cautiousness gradually faded, turning into doubt.

“I heard a fire broke out in your research institute the other day.”

Byron broke the silence in the room.

Rosalie’s face turned pale upon his mention of the fire, and she frowned.” How do you know about that?”

She did not recall anyone mentioning that Byron knew about the fire.

She began to wonder if the fire was part of Byron’s plan.

Considering this possibility, Rosalie backed away a little in fear of the man.

Byron’s forehead puckered. “Are you suspecting that I did this?”

Rosalie said nothing, agreeing to his question.

Byron looked at Rosalie in displeasure. “Why would I burn down your research institute?”

Noticing that Rosalie’s suspicion toward him did not fade, he continued as he squinted his eyes, “Do you think I’ll resort to burning down your institute if I really were the mastermind behind this?”

He had plenty of means to destroy Rosalie’s research institute if he wanted.

What was the point of burning it down?

Rosalie shuddered in fear at the thought of what had happened to Heronial Corporation.

Indeed, Byron would not have set fire to the institute if he wanted to destroy the research institute.

With that thought in mind, Rosalie’s doubt dissipated.

Tm sorry. I thought too much. I thought you sought revenge on our research institute because of Heronial Corporation.”

Hearing Rosalie’s decisive apology, Byron’s brows knitted together.

He had come to help the ‘damsel in distress’ because of what Andrius had told him, yet Rosalie doubted him.

Byron was about to vent his anger, but Rosalie had apologized in time, making him unable to scold her.

It caused Byron’s mood to fluctuate in just a few minutes.

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