My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 922

Chapter 922 That’s Who You Are

His grip hurt Rosalie, and she gasped as she glared at Byron with her beautiful eyes.

Byron’s face looked angry and scary.

After some time, Byron approached Rosalie step by step.

Rosalie tried to back off, but her wrist was in Byron’s grip, and she could not do anything.

The two were so close that they could almost feel each other’s breaths for a moment.

Subconsciously, Rosalie slowed her breathing pace and kept her hands close to her.

Byron’s gaze fell on her as he observed every inch of her. His grip on her wrist tightened gradually.

When Rosalie thought Byron was going to do something, he let go of her wrist.

Rosalie was startled.

“Heronial Corporation’s branches in other cities have some stock of the medicinal materials that were burned in the fire. I can ask someone to send them to your research institute if you need them.”

Byron tried hard to say that.

Just now, he almost lost control because of his anger.

However, thinking of his purpose of visit and what Andrius had said that morning, Byron suppressed his urge to flare up.

Rosalie suspected Byron again.

Byron’s reaction and words did not match.

However, Rosalie noticed nothing strange even after observing Byron for a while.

Rosalie had no choice but to believe his statement. Then, she responded professionally, ‘Thank you for your kind offer, President Lawrence.

However, our institute doesn’t need them.”

They did need the medicinal materials as Yves had already said he would find a way to get them.

Hence, Rosalie had no reason to accept Byron’s sudden offer.

Byron was again displeased when he heard Rosalie rejecting his offer.

Rosalie did not hesitate to back away before he could grip her again.

“I don’t know why you want to help our research institute so suddenly, but I think we’d better stay away from you because of your business means.

“After all, if something unpleasant happens in the process of our cooperation, I can’t guarantee that you won’t use any means of yours against US.”

Rosalie was retorting to what Byron had told her just now.

Byron would do more than burn down their research institute if he wanted them gone.

Understanding the meaning behind Rosalie’s words, Byron’s displeasure grew. “Am I that merciless to you?”

“It’s not that I think you’re merciless but that’s who you are.”

Lawrence Corporation caused Heronial Corporation to fall into bankruptcy in a few days.

Byron’s business approach was shocking.

Besides, Rosalie’s research institute was only a small institute.

She did not dare to risk her institute.

Byron squinted his eyes. “Heronial Corporation broke the agreement first, and they were an important part of my project. Is there a problem with me taking the company back using some means? As for your research institute, why would I want to destroy it?”

Rosalie was unmoved. “Maybe you won’t make a move against US now, but no one can guarantee it won’t happen in the future.”

Moreover, Rosalie had not investigated the mastermind behind the fire. Thus, she decided not to trust Byron so soon.

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