My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 924

Chapter 924 Getting Things Ready

After Byron’s car left, Rosalie took Lucian and Nox to the living room.

The two little ones looked at their mother anxiously.

These days, Mommy seemed to be in a bad mood.

It was worse after she came out of the study.

They wondered what Daddy said to Mommy again.

Nox, who had always been bad at hiding his emotions, asked, “Mommy, what did you and Mr. Byron talk about?”

Rosalie’s eyes turned gloomy as she looked at Nox upon hearing the little one’s question.

The little ones looked at her wistfully, trying to tell her that she could not deceive them.

Meeting their gazes, Rosalie sighed and brushed them off by saying, “We talked about work.”

“Mommy, you don’t seem very happy.”

They had never seen Mommy like this for work before.

It was like she was watching out for something.

The little ones looked at each other in a puzzle.

‘What did Daddy do that made Mommy so wary?’

Rosalie knew she could not brush them off, so she explained, “Mr. Byron wanted to cooperate with me, but I refused.”

The little ones still did not hear the answer they wanted. They frowned, wanting to ask more.

Rosalie did not want to explain and only said, “It was about work, and it’s normal to have some conflicts at work. You don’t have to worry so much about that.”

It was the same as what Byron had told Estelle.

Although the boys did not believe it, they had to admit that their mommy was indeed telling the truth.

The little ones just did not know if the conflict was as simple as just relating to work.

Knowing Mommy did not want to say much, the little ones tactfully kept their mouths shut.

Rosalie caressed the little ones’ hair and changed the topic. “We’re going camping tomorrow but haven’t prepared yet. Let’s hurry up and get things ready.”

Rosalie managed to divert the boys’ attention by mentioning the camping trip.

After returning to their home country, they had not camped or camped with Estelle. Thus, they looked forward to it.

Rosalie packed the things with the little ones on the second floor.

The boys had often camped with her abroad and knew what to take.

Soon, all three had their things packed.

Rosalie checked everything and felt that something was missing.

“I wonder if Estie has packed the things she needs,” Lucian muttered.

Suddenly, Rosalie realized what she had forgotten.

This would be Estelle’s first camping trip.

Estelle would not know much about camping. Rosalie wondered if Byron would help Estelle pack.

She might as well have something on hand, just in case.

With this in mind, Rosalie repacked the things they had already packed, leaving some space for Estelle’s stuff.

“Mommy?” Nox looked at Rosalie in a puzzle.

Rosalie smiled and asked, “Shall we prepare something for Estie?”

Hearing this, the two little ones naturally had no objection and started to pack again.

Estelle had stayed in their house for some time, so the boys knew what she would need.

Before long, the snacks and toys Estie liked filled the space Rosalie had left on purpose.

After paking, Rosalie asked Lisa to help her keep the things in the car boot. Then, they headed upstairs to have an early rest.

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