My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Coaxing Auntie

Meanwhile, Estelle sat in the backseat of the car with her cheeks puffed while she was on her way back to Lawrence Manor. She gazed at her daddy’s face through the rearview mirror.

“Daddy, did you make Auntie angry again?”

Byron’s forehead creased when he heard Estelle’s question.

Catching the change in her daddy’s expression, Estelle snorted, knowing her guess was correct.

She thought about why her father wanted to take her to see her Auntie.

It was because he wanted to quarrel with Auntie.

“Estie will never listen to Daddy again!” Estelle said moodily.

Byron frowned and explained to Estelle patiently, “It’s because of work.”

It was that excuse again.

Estelle looked in the rearview mirror unhappily. “You only know how to lie to kids.”

Byron’s brows knitted when he heard that.

Estelle listed out Byron’s excuses. “You said the same thing last time. You even deceived Estie tonight, using me as an excuse to meet Auntie…”

As a result, her daddy annoyed Auntie again when they were at her place.

Estie swore she would never trust Daddy again.

Byron took advantage of the waiting time at the junction with traffic lights to rub his temples. “I’m not lying. Why do I have to lie to you?”

“Hmph! Auntie’s mood wasn’t that bad when eating, but her mood worsened after talking to you.”

Estelle reasoned out her guess.

Byron could not deny it. He could only remain silent and feel helpless about it.

To be precise, Rosalie was the one looking for trouble, yet the little one blamed him for it.

The little one…

Estelle frowned and scolded Byron in her cute voice, “You clearly said you want to make Auntie my mommy!”

Byron said nothing, neither agreeing nor denying.

“If this goes on, when will Auntie be able to become my mommy?” Estelle’s voice sounded distressed.

Hearing the little girl’s tone, Byron’s heart melted. “I’m also trying to find a way, but this isn’t up to me alone.”

Rosalie was guarded against him for no reason. Anger boiled in Byron, yet he could do nothing about it.

No matter how he explained it, Rosalie refused to listen.

Estelle was also worried about her daddy.

Her daddy had been saying he wanted to win Auntie’s heart, but he kept annoying Auntie.

Estie had no idea when Rosalie would be her mommy if this continued.

The little one was anxious as this thought crossed her mind.

“Daddy, you can’t let this thing go on like this!”

Byron frowned and said nothing.

It was not upto him.

The little one did not hear an answer from her father and said as she pouted her lips, “Daddy, you have to coax Auntie.”

Since Daddy would not let her coax Rosalie just now, Estelle felt her Daddy should do it himself.

Byron’s brows furrowed again, and he felt that Estelle’s request was unreasonable.

Rosalie asked for it. Why should he go coax her now?

He was afraid the more he coaxed her, the more Rosalie would think he was up to something.

Byron’s displeasure grew at the thought of that.

Estelle, who was sensitive, noticed the change in the atmosphere and felt wronged. However, she knew her daddy was angry and did not dare to say another word.

Byron glanced at the little one through the rearview mirror and changed the topic.

“What are you going to do when camping tomorrow?”

He rarely engaged in such activities, let alone with kids.

Hence, Byron had no idea what to pack for Estelle for her camping trip.

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