My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 926

Chapter 926 The Expression Collapsed

Although the little girl still felt aggrieved, her attention was somewhat diverted by the camping trip.

Byron frowned and thought out loud, “Auntie Rosalie should’ve prepared food and water… Besides these, what else do we need?”

When she heard her daddy’s voice, Estie’s attention was finally all focused on the camping trip.

However, the little girl hardly participated in group activities since she was little. The Lawrence family had no such tradition of taking their children out camping. As for what to prepare for camping, Estie was even more clueless than Byron was.

After a long while, the little girl’s eyes flashed a little slyly, and she cautiously suggested, “Ask Auntie!”

Byron glanced at the rearview mirror and turned a deaf ear. “Let’s go back and rest early.”

Estie knew that meant Daddy’s refusal, and she was unhappy.

They went all the way to theLawrence family’s manor.

Byron got out of the car, turned around to open the rear door, and reached out to carry the little girl. Instead, Estie jumped down on her own and walked into the villa with her head down.

Mrs. Zora heard the doorbell, opened the door, and was about to ask them if they had dinner when she saw the little lady immediately going in to sit on the sofa with her head down. Her face was full of anger. Seeing this, Mrs. Zora looked at Byron in confusion.

“We’ve eaten.” Byron took a glance at the dinner on the table and said in a deep voice.

Mrs. Zora nodded. “Alright, I’ll get someone to clear the table.”

After that, the older lady could not help but be concerned. “Is Little Lady…”

Byron evaded the question entirely. “Estie is going camping tomorrow.

Please pack her stuff for her.”

Mrs. Zora’s face was a little conflicted, “Young Master, will Little Lady…”

In the past, when the little girl was angry, they were not allowed to touch her things. In Estie’s current state, Mrs. Zora could not help the little girl to pack her stuff.

Byron followed her line of sight and glanced at the little girl sitting on the sofa. He frowned and changed his mind. “Forget it, I’ll help her prepare.”

Mrs. Zora was secretly relieved, but she looked worriedly as the young master walked to the little one.

“It’s getting late. Go pack up so that you can rest early.” Byron looked down at the sullen little girl.

Estie raised her eyes angrily to look at her father, then turned her head to the side while huffing and puffing.

Byron raised his eyebrows and directly reached out to carry the little girl.

How could Estie be his opponent? She could only resign and be carried back to her room by her daddy.

All the way to the little girl’s bedroom, Estie pursed her mouth and sulked. Byron did not talk to her anymore as he tapped on his phone.

He really had no idea what to prepare for a camping trip, so he searched the internet for help. After a long while, Byron read the guide and started to pack for the little girl. Then, he packed all the separate little pieces in a small suitcase for her.

“Let’s see what else to bring.” Byron looked at his daughter again.

Estie glanced inside her luggage in anger and anticipation, but she had no idea either what else to pack. She just nodded randomly.

Byron took that response as a sign that she was satisfied. He closed the luggage and put it at the door.

“Rest early and get up early tomorrow. Didn’t you ask Auntie Rosalie to pick you up earlier?”

Byron reminded the little girl before he left. As for the little girl’s sullen look, he seemed to deliberately ignore it. Then, Byron did not plan to stay any longer. He turned around and left.

In the room, the little girl saw that her daddy just left like that, and the expression on her face suddenly collapsed.

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