My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Let’s Use It

Rosalie chose a camping site in a suburb close to the mountains. It took nearly two hours to drive there from the city, and they only reached the site at nearly noon.

When they got out of the car and saw the surrounding scenery, Rosalie could not help but feel that the two-hour drive was worth it.

The spot where they were was a green meadow dotted with tufts of small flowers.

Rosalie deliberately chose a relatively open grassland for camping, and there was a small forest not far away.

The flowers and plants in the woods were lush and abundant. Woodland rabbits even came out from time to time and scampered around them.

On the other side, there was a small waterfall with flowing water, which made the surrounding air refreshing.

The gurgling sound of water amplified how quiet the surroundings were, making it a perfect campground.

The joy of the three little ones was written directly on their faces.

it’s so beautiful!”

Estie looked at the beautiful scenery around her, the unhappiness this early morning long forgotten.

Lucian and Nox were completely astonished too.

‘Mommy is really good at finding places like these. The conditions here are much better than at the campsites abroad!

’You kids, go play. I’ll put up the tent.”

Rosalie took the camping equipment they had prepared from the car and prepared to camp on the spot.

Hearing this, Lucian and Nox immediately raised their little hands. “We’re here to help too!”

The little guys had followed her camping many times before, so they were able to help.

Rosalie did not refuse and handed the corners of the tent to the little boys. She asked them to help fix them in place.

Estie was inexperienced and not strong enough, so she watched in awe and cheered them on.

Rosalie looked at the wonder in the little girl’s eyes and felt amused.

After a while, the tent was up.

Rosalie brought the little boys’ luggage over and took out the contents.

She had prepared some food, toys, and clothes for Lucian and Nox. The contents were simple but complete.

After she got the three of them settled, Rosalie brought Estie’s luggage from the car.

Sure enough, the little girl’s suitcase was much heavier than theirs.

‘I don’t know what Byron has prepared for the little one.’

The three little guys also gathered around curiously and watched heropen the suitcase. They were dumbfounded at the contents of the box.

Rosalie looked at the rechargeable storage battery, a heavy-duty high- powered flashlight, and a series of professional outdoor equipment inside. She was at a loss for words at the moment.

She only took the little kids to have fun in the nearby woods. What this person prepared for Estie seemed like they were going on a survival adventure.

‘What’s this?” Estie looked curious.

She could see that her suitcase’s contents were not the same as Auntie’s.

Rosalie looked at the professional equipment in Estie’s suitcase, then at the simple, makeshift things she had prepared for the little boys. She could not help being dumbfounded.

At the side, after Nox’s initial shock wore off, the young boy squealed suddenly.

’This is so cool!”

They had liked these things since they were little, but it was the first time they saw them while camping.

“Mommy, let’s use it!” The little guy suggested excitedly.

Rosalie looked at the excitement on the little boy’s face, then looked at the equipment in her hand. She hesitated for a while but finally agreed.

Of course, the flashlight was temporarily not needed.

Rosalie took out the rechargeable battery, built a simple stove with the things Byron had packed, and prepared a barbecue for the little kids at noon.

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