My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 931

Chapter 931 How Cute She Looked

After everything was ready, it was still a while before noon. So, Rosalie simply took the little ones to explore and have some fun nearby.

She prepared a lot of things for the little ones, especially Estie.

Not knowing what the little girl would like to do outdoors, Rosalie haphazardly prepared a bunch of items.

When they left the tent, the kids each took their favorite toys from the tent.

Lucian and Nox each took a water gun and a camera, while Estie considered for a while and chose a drawing board.

Rosalie looked at their choices, smiled without saying a word, and led them away to explore.

The farther they went, the more greenery they saw.

Due to Rosalie’s influence, the little ones also paid special attention to the flowers and plants in the wild.

Along the way, the kids asked Rosalie the names and functions of various flowers from time to time, and the small camera Lucian was holding also came in handy.

There were many flowers and plants in nature that can be used as medicine. Rosalie was also very familiar with flowers and plants in the wild. She patiently answered their questions one by one.

Estie seemed much quieter compared with the two boys. The little girl held a small drawing board and quietly followed behind them to write and draw.

Rosalie noticed the little girl’s quietness. She thought Estie was not used to it, and stopped in concern.

“Estie darling, do you think this is fun? If you’re tired, Auntie can take you back to the tent to rest.”

The two little boys also looked at the little sister behind them with concern.

At first, they all thought that the little girl was silent all the way because she was not used to such an atmosphere.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Rosalie spoke, the little girl raised her drawing board towards them.

On the drawing board, the little girl’s brushstrokes were a little childish, but she could recognize the flowers and plants that Rosalie had just explained.

’I think this is fun!” The little girl’s eyes were sparkling.

‘I love all these flowers and plants so much, Auntie is so amazing, she actually knows them all!’

Rosalie breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the little girl so happy. She gently touched the little girl’s head, and took the kids to sit down on the grass.

There was a large field of flowers around them.

While she introduced the surrounding wild blooms to Lucian and Nox, Rosalie casually picked a lot of flowers in her hands, and glanced at the little girl beside her from time to time.

After a while, a delicate wreath appeared in her hand.

Estie focused on the sketches, but did not notice what Rosalie was doing at all.

Lucian and Nox looked at the wreath in Mommy’s hands with amazement.

Although Mommy had made these when they were abroad, the flowers in foreign countries were not as good as these flowers, and this wreath was extraordinarily beautiful.

Just as the little boys were about to sigh, they saw Mommy make a silent gesture.

Seeing this, the boys closed their mouths tacitly, watching Mommy put the wreath on little sister’s head, with smiles in their eyes.

“Ah!” Estie was startled when she suddenly felt something on her head.

When she came back to her senses, she saw that Auntie and little brothers were staring at her, and she was even more confused.

The little girl wore a white dress, her hair was braided into two braids on her shoulders, her little face was delicate and adorable, with a flower wreath on top of head. Her innocent face blinked back at Rosalie and the boys, she looked just like an elf from a fairy tale.

Lucian saw how cute little sister looked, he quickly took out the camera and took a picture of this scene.

When she saw little brother taking pictures, Estie’s face became even more innocent, as she cautiously reached out and touched the top of her head.

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