My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Estie Is So Beautiful

‘This is…”

The little girl touched the wreath, carefully held it in her hand, and looked at Rosalie beside her with joy.

Rosalie smiled and patted the little girl’s head. “It’s been a long time since I made one, my fingers felt a little rusty.”

When Estie heard this, she shook her head vigorously. “Estie likes it very much!”

To prove how much she liked it, the little girl gently placed the wreath in front of her and copied it in her drawing board carefully.

Rosalie and the two little boys approached her curiously.

As the sketches gradually took shape on Estie’s drawing board, the three of them were a little surprised.

Estie’s drawings of the flowers and plants were already decent, but the brushstrokes were slightly immature.

However, this wreath was so vividly drawn that it looked real!

“Little sister is amazing!” Nox sighed in a low voice.

Rosalie smiled and nodded in agreement.

When the little guy finished drawing, Nox could not help but asked, “Little sister, have you taken art classes before?”

Estie shook her head in confusion.

Nox’s eyes were even more surprised.

Rosalie seemed to think of something, and there was a hint of heartache in her eyes.

The little girl can draw so well, maybe it has something to do with her previous autism.

Little kids with autism always possessed amazing talent in one way or another.

Thinking of this, Rosalie touched the little girl’s head distressedly.

Estie did not know what Auntie was thinking, so she showed the woman her sketches innocently.

“Estie will keep this well!’

‘The flower wreath may not be preserved for long, but she will definitely keep this drawing well!’

On the little girl’s wrist was the shell bracelet she gave her earlier.

Rosalie’s heart softened. “When we go back, Auntie will help you preserve the flower wreath.”

Hearing this, the little girl looked at her with surprise.

Rosalie smiled, they researched a lot of chemicals, which could preserve the plants well.

The little girl’s face was filled with smiles as she saw Auntie smiled.

Lucian took out the camera again and took pictures of the smiling faces of Mommy and the little sister.

Rosalie noticed the little boy’s actions, and stretched out her hand, motioning him to show her.

Lucian sweetly handed the camera to her.

Rosalie looked down.

Estie also leaned beside her curiously.


The little girl exclaimed excitedly when she saw that photo of herself.

Rosalie looked at the photo of the little girl, her eyes were soft, “Yes, darling. Estie, you are so beautiful.”

When the little girl heard Auntie praised her, her smiles became even more radiant.

After they sat for a while, Rosalie got the little one to get up and continued their walk again.

When she got out of the car just now, she noticed that there seemed to be a very rare medicinal material nearby.

Might as well keep a lookout, since they were all here to have fun.

The three little ones walked ahead excitedly.

Estie put the wreath Rosalie made on her head again, her steps were very brisk and stopped sketching. She looked at her feet intently. She wanted to find beautiful flowers and make a wreath for Auntie as well.

Suddenly, the little girl found something. She knelt down and asked Rosalie to come over to have a look. “Auntie, what flower is this?”

Rosalie heard the little girl and walked over quickly. Following the little girl’s line of sight, Rosalie’s eyes suddenly lit up.

When the little girl wanted to reach out and pull it out, Rosalie quickly reached out to stop her.

’This is a very precious medicinal material. Auntie had been looking for it for a long time. Thanks to Estie, I’m able to find it.”

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