My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Atmosphere Was Very Harmonious

The little girl looked puzzled, but she understood that Rosalie was complimenting her. She giggled innocently and retracted her hand obediently.

Rosalie took out the tools she had prepared earlier and carefully uprooted the yellow flowers.

Seeing her action, Estie tilted her head again in confusion.

“This medicinal material must be preserved with its roots.” Rosalie explained patiently.

Hearing this, the little girl nodded again without complete understanding. The little girl knew that Auntie was looking for this kind of flower, she excitedly got up and looked around. After a while, the little girl found a large piece of land filled with these flowers.

Rosalie simply dug up a few plants and preserved them.

It was almost noon, the little kids were obviously a little hungry, and they all slowed down.

Rosalie simply took them back to the tent and prepared food for them. She got up early this morning and prepared a lot of food for them. As the little kids feasted on the sushi and small cakes she made, that put a smile on Rosalie’s face.

“Little sister, here’s something for you.” Nox took out a few candies from his small bag.

Estie took it with smiling eyes. “Thank you, little brother.”

On the other end, Lucian also took out a few small snacks from his small bag and pushed them in front of Estie.

‘I don’t know what Daddy was thinking. He only prepared those big things for little sister, but he didn’t pack any food for her.’

Fortunately, they had foresight and prepared another share for the little sister.

As the little ones were almost full from eating snacks, Rosalie hurriedly stopped them. “Take it easy on the snacks, Mommy is making you barbecue.”

The kids heard there was a barbecue and put down the snacks in their hands in unison, and stared blankly at the barbecue grill beside Rosalie. Rosalie couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the little ones about to salivate greedily.

Lucian and Nox were just in a greedy daze for a while, then came over to help quickly.

Estie did not know what she could do, so she listened to the instructions of the two little brothers and washed the fresh vegetables aside.

Soon, the ingredients for the barbecue were prepared, and Rosalie started to cook it on the grill.

For a moment, the delicious aroma filled their little noses. The eyes of the three little kids lit up, as they sat around Rosalie obediently, waiting to eat while it is hot.

Rosalie saw the expectations of the little ones and sped up the action. After a while, a plate of grilled lamb skewers was ready.

Chaochao and Mumu immediately reached out to take one, and handed a skewer each to the little sister. 5

Estie accepted it and looked at the fragrant mutton skewers in her hands. Then looked at Rosalie who was still grilling them.

“Auntie!” The little guy placed the mutton skewer in her hand to Rosalie’s mouth as she looked at her with bright eyes.

Rosalie’s heart softened even more at the sight of the mutton kebabs that suddenly appeared in front of her. “Thank you so much, Estie.”

The little girl fed her a kebab, then she took the mutton kebabs handed over by the brothers and ate it by herself.

The four of them talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

At the same time, in the distance from the lawn, a black car slowly stopped on the green road.

Wendy sat in the car and watched their interaction from a distance through the window, her eyes were full of resentment.

‘If someone else who doesn’t know better comes here and sees this scene, they will definitely think they are a family!’

‘Rosalie, that b*tch! She said she had no intention of returning to the Lawrence family, how could it be possible?’

‘If not, why would she be so kind to Estie without knowing she’s her biological mother?’

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