My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Crazy Loads Of Fun

Wendy waited for a long time, yet she did not see anybody return, and started to feel a little impatient.

“Where are you?” She took out her phone and sent a message to the private detective.

Logically, the private detective should arrive before her, yet she looked around but did not see him.

‘I don’t know where is he hiding.’

‘He is nothing but a weasel.’ Wendy frowned in disgust.

After a while, the private detective’s reply appeared on the chat interface: [ Look up.]

Wendy looked up in confusion, and saw a big tree not far away that seemed to be swaying.

Immediately after, the camera’s flash straight at her eyes twice.

Wendy frowned with displeasure at that and lowered his head to reply. [ Keep an eye on them, and if anything goes wrong, take all their pictures for me!]

The other end quickly agreed.

Wendy glanced coldly at the direction of Rosalie and the others, and started her car to leave slowly.

If possible, she wanted to see the pain of those few people with her own eyes.

‘It was a pity that the place where I’m at was not discrete enough.’

If I continue to stay, I might be discovered.’

‘At that point, all will be lost.’

‘Fortunately, I hired a private detective.’

‘Later, that look of agony after Rosalie and those little bstrds drank the water, the private detective would photograph them all for me to see.’

Wendy felt a burst of glee as she thought of their pain!

In order to teach them a lesson, she specially hired someone to find a new type of bacteria.

There was not even a cure for this bacteria strain yet.

All this did not matter to Wendy.

‘I can’t wait forthem to die!’

‘It’s a pity that this bacteria was not fatal and could only make one suffer severe pain.’ 1

For her, that was still not enough to relieve the hatred she felt!

However, that’s enough to make those sl*ts suffer a little!

“Rosalie, let’s see how you can save anybody this time!” Wendy’s eyes were red with rage.

‘As long as she drank that water, that b*tch can’t even save herself!’

Rosalie knew nothing about what Wendy did.

The little ones in front of her were having crazy loads of fun.

At the beginning, Lucian and Nox only played with Estie and splashed water on her.

After Rosalie withdrew, the kids divided into three camps, and a water war broke out as they madly splashed water at each other, no matter which camp they were in.

On the side, Rosalie was drenched by their water war, along with a burst of coolness.

It was rare to see the little ones playing so happily. Hence, Rosalie did not say anything.

Led by the two boys, Estie started to let loose, she even cautiously tried to get into the water. Upon seeing this, Lucian and Nox stopped splashing water, walked to the little girl, and reached out to support her.

Suddenly, a gush of stream water came over, the little boys were slow to react, and were hit by the water.

Lucian and Nox slipped under their feet and fell directly into the water. Fortunately, the little boys can swim, and stood up quickly again.

Rosalie thought that the boys would be startled, got up and wanted to go over. Unexpectedly, the next second, she heard the kids laugh out loud.

Lucian and Nox looked at each other in a state of embarrassment, only to find themselves amusing. Estie giggled until she bent over.

However, because of the sudden splash of water, the two little brothers were worried and would not let her go into the water.

The two boys stopped splashing water, squatted down to find pebbles in the water, and tried to catch small fishes from time to time.

Although the little girl was disappointed she could not go into the water, she was joyful in her heart. She squatted on the shore obediently and watched the little brothers attempt to catch a fish with their hands.

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