My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 937

Chapter 937 stomach Hurts

“Mummy, is this glass of water contaminated by something?” Lucian looked at her with a puzzled face.

Rosalie came back to her senses as she heard his voice, and smiled at the little boy soothingly. ’It’s nothing, something must have fallen in, Mommy will change it for you.”

After that, Rosalie patted the boy’s head, got up and threw away the water in the glass, and poured another glass for him.

But, Lucian did not want to drink anymore.

Whether it was something that fell in or there was a real problem with the water, there was a shadow of doubt in the little boy’s heart.

Rosalie did not force him either, and took a bottle of mineral water from his bag for him.

The little guy just took it and started drinking.

Aside, Nox and Estie had already drank the water in the cup, and were staring intently at the pebbles on the ground.

Rosalie did not bother the two little ones and only said, “Lucian, take good care of your younger siblings, Mommy will go pick some herbs.”

While it was still early, she could collect some more of those natural herbs.

Lucian nodded obediently.

Rosalie got up and walked away.

As Mommy walked further away, Lucian squatted down and studied pebbles with the two little ones.

“Ugh…” Suddenly, Estie frowned and covered her stomach.

Lucian looked at the little sister with concern, “What’s the matter? Are you tired?”

At first glance, little sister looked very delicate. It must be the first time that she has played so intensely like this.

Estie frowned and shook her head “My stomach hurts a little…”

Hearing this, Lucian could not help but be a little worried. “I’ll go get Mommy over!”

It would be fine if the boys had any problems. However, little sister was so delicate. If she got sick, they would not know what to do.

With that said, Lucian got up from the tent, and got ready to head to the spot where the herbs were found to look for their mother.

As soon as he got up, Estie grabbed his trouser legs.

Lucian bowed his head in confusion.

“Maybe it’s because I laughed too hard just now.” The little girl did not want Rosalie to worry, so she resisted the pain and smiled at Lucian.

Lucian was still a little hesitant. He noticed little sister’s appearance was not right, the pain seemed bad…

“It’s okay, I will be fine in a while!” Estie reassured him. She really did not want to affect Auntie and little brothers’ mood.

Lucian hesitated for a while, then he squatted back down again.

On the other hand, Nox felt the same as Estie.

He did not know what happened, but his stomach suddenly started to hurt. The little guy thought it was because he caught a cold just now, so he silently endured it.

When Estie said that her stomach was hurting, Nox looked at little sister with concern. However, after a while, his stomach pain became more and more intense.

As soon as Nox was about to tell his brother, he saw a small pool of water stains on little sister’s feet. Looking up, he realized that the little sister had secretly cried.

“Little sister, are you okay?”

Nox endured his own discomfort and leaned over to the little girl.

Estie could not take it any longer, raised her head to reveal her big eyes full

of tears, and choked out. “Oh, my stomach hurts…so bad.”

After that, she sniffed in self-blame. “It’s all my fault. You and Auntie could have had a good time, b..but Estie really hurts now.”

Nox wanted to comfort her little sister, but his stomach hurt so much that he could not even speak. 1

“Nox, Estie!”

Lucian called out to them anxiously when suddenly the two little ones beside him collapsed to the ground.

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