My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Bad Tummy

Thanks to all the equipment Byron prepared for Estelle, they managed to get through the situation.

Rosalie did not think they would be useful. However, those things managed to save the little ones’ lives.

After searching for the stock pot Byron packed for Estelle, Rosalie came out of the tent.

After a while, Rosalie threw the leaves and herbs she found into the pot. Then, she added some water to boil them.

While the herbs were cooking, Rosalie got up again and carried the little ones into the tent. She covered each of them with extra clothes.

The little ones were enduring so much pain that cold sweat drenched their foreheads. Their eyes looked listless and tired.

Rosalie touched the little ones’ heads lovingly and said, “Please bear with it for a while more, okay? The medicine will be ready soon.”

The little ones nodded weakly. They were too weak to speak.

Rosalie comforted the two little ones and got out of the tent.

As soon as Rosalie stepped outside, she felt a dull ache in her stomach.

She had just taken a sip of the water, only a sip.

The pain was still tolerable.

Rosalie ignored her discomfort and checked on the boiling herbs.

Lucian was by the pot, watching the fire.

Noticing Rosalie approaching him, the little one asked with concern,” Mommy, will this make Nox and Estie better?”

Frustration flashed across Rosalie’s gaze as she shook her head and said,” No, this will only ease their pain a little.”

She needed a lot more herbs to cure them.

Most of them were in the research institute.

Given the current condition of the little ones, she was afraid they might faint if they were to endure the pain until they reached the research institute and waited for her to boil the herbs.

Hearing this answer, Lucian felt a little disappointed.

“How are they now?” The little one braced himself and continued to ask about Nox and Estelle.

Seeing that Lucian was so concerned about the two little ones, Rosalie’s gaze softened, and she sat beside Lucian.

Lucian moved aside a little so that his mommy had more space to sit.

Rosalie stroked the little one’s head. “Well, how about you? You drank the water too. How do you feel now?”

The little one only had mild symptoms, but Rosalie still could not help herself from worrying.

Lucian carefully recalled his symptoms and said, “My stomach hurts a little, and I feel slightly nauseous. It’s like having an ordinary bad tummy.”

The symptoms were similar to Rosalie’s.

Rosalie heaved a sigh of relief. “Drink some of the herbal medicine after I boil it.”

The little one agreed obediently.

Now and then, there were moans of pain from the two little ones in the tent.

Anxiousness grew in Rosalie. She hoped the herbal medicine would be ready soon.

After nearly half an hour, Rosalie checked the boiled herbal medicine.

The boiling time was short, so the effects might not be as noticeable.

However, the little ones could not wait much longer.

Rosalie took out four paper cups and poured the herbal medicine into each of them.

Lucian drank it himself, and so did Rosalie. Then, they took the rest to Nox and Estelle.

The two little ones had curled up in pain. They only managed to glance at Rosalie when she walked into the tent.

They looked pitiful.

Rosalie quickly approached the little ones and squatted down beside them. Without thinking much, she picked up Estelle first.

Estelle had drunk the most water, and she was a girl. The pain she was enduring now must be worse than Nox’s.

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