My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 945

Chapter 945 What Are The Herbs You Need?

Hearing the little one’s voice, Byron’s heart sank slightly, “What’s wrong?”

Lucian looked at Nox and Estelle beside him. “Do you have time? Can you come and get US?”

Byron frowned. “Isn’t your mommy there? What happened to you?”

His first thought was that something had happened to them.

Otherwise, the little one would not have asked that.

In the few seconds between the conversation, Byron heard a few sobs.

That confirmed his guess.

“Our car crashed into a tree, and…”

The little one was about to tell Byron about Nox’s and Estelle’s condition. However, Byron’s voice interrupted from the other end of the call.

“What’s going on now? Are you badly hurt? I’ll come at once!”

With that, Byron strode to the elevator.

Lucian quickly explained, “We’re not injured, but Nox and Estie are ill.”

Byron was already in the elevator when he heard this.

On the other hand, Lucian wanted to say something but could not explain it clearly. Hence, he could only say, “I’ll get Mommy to talk to you!”

The little boy opened the car door and ran to Rosalie’s side. He took off the watch and handed it to his Mommy.

When Rosalie saw the little one suddenly beside her, she subconsciously looked in the car’s direction.

Lucian was here with her, so Nox and Estelle…

“Are they alright?”

Suddenly, Byron’s deep voice sounded.

Rosalie froze. Then, she saw Lucian handing his smartwatch to her.

Lucian had turned on the speaker, and Byron’s voice was loud.

Hearing his voice made Rosalie panic, and she had no idea what to answer.


Lucian tugged anxiously at the hem of her shirt.

Rosalie recovered from her shock and suppressed the strange feeling rising in her. She took the phone from him.

“Sorry, I didn’t take good care of Estie.” Her voice sounded apologetic.

Byron could sense the difference in Rosalie’s voice. Nervous, he asked in a deep voice, “What happened? Lucian said Nox and Estie are ill.”

Rosalie calmed down upon hearing Byron’s voice. She explained apologetically, ‘They’re now infected with a bacteria, which is causing severe pain in their stomachs. I was about to take them back to the research institute to get some herbs, but… I was in such a hurry that I wrecked my car.”

Byron’s voice still sounded calm. “Are they seriously ill?”

Rosalie nodded. “I gave them herbal medicine to relieve the pain, but it was pointless.”

Then, she added. “I know how to cure it, but the herbs are in the research institute. I have to take them back there.”

Byron frowned. “Where are you now?”

Rosalie told Byron their location.

‘That place is too far. It’ll take at least four hours for me to get there and bring you back. You even have to boil the medicines. Can they bear the pain that long?” Byron stated his thoughts.

Rosalie had thought of that.

She had intended to take the little ones back to the research institute herself or have Mary or Leon get her the herbs she needed in the research institute.

They were both excellent doctors and knew a lot about medicine. Hence, Rosalie could leave it to them.

It would not take much time.

However, they could not make it.

When she was feeling troubled, Byron’s voice came from the smartwatch again. “What are the herbs you need? I’ll go to the research institute now and bring them to you.”

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