My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Sounded Anxious

Hearing his proposal, Rosalie was moved but still hesitated.

Byron was not someone from the medical field, after all. He might not be able to differentiate the herbs.

Not to mention her dosage requirements.

Even the slightest error in the herbal quantity would affect the medicine.

Byron had already started the car. “I’m going to the research institute now. You think about what medicine you need, and I’ll call you when I get there.”

After that, Byron hung up the call without waiting for Rosalie to respond. Then, he dialed Luther’s number.

“Where are you, sir? The meeting in the conference room…”

Luther saw Byron leaving without hesitation just now. He looked back at the executives waiting in the meeting room, feeling troubled.

Byron ordered Luther in his deep voice, “I have something important to deal with. Let’s stop the meeting here today. You can ask them to disperse.”

Upon hearing this, Luther agreed and conveyed Byron’s message.

Byron hung up the call and dashed toward the research institute in his car.

Meanwhile, Rosalie looked at the hung-up call. After being in a daze for a few minutes, Rosalie knew she had no choice.

Then, she thought of something. It was the weekend. No one would be in the research institute to get the door for Byron.

Rosalie quickly called Yves.

“Dr. Graham, where are you now?”

Rosalie did not give Yves time to speak and directly asked.

Yves was a little suspicious when he heard Rosalie’s tone of voice.

Rosalie suddenly called him on this day and at this hour. She also spoke anxiously…

‘Did she find out that I’m responsible for the fire?’

With that thought in mind, Yves was careful when he answered, “I’m at home. Why?”

Rosalie continued, “Can you go to the research institute if you have the time and open the door for President Lawrence? He’s going to go get some herbs for me.”

Yves was relieved when he heard that, but he remained cautious. “Okay. I’ll go there now.”

Then, he left the house quickly and headed to the research institute.

He had no idea what made Byron go to the research institute personally to get the herbs. It even made him wonder what herbs they were looking for.

All Yves could think of was that they had found out the truth behind the fire, and Rosalie asked Byron to investigate in the name of getting the herbs.

Thinking of this possibility, Yves sped to the research institute.

He must not let Byron see through anything.

20 minutes later, Yves pulled over his car at the gate of the research institute.

A Bentley had stopped ahead, and Byron, in a grey shirt, was heading toward the research institute.

Yves calmed himself down and got out of the car quickly. Then, he called out, “President Lawrence!”

Byron stopped walking.

Yves quickened his pace and approached Byron. “Dr. Jacobs called me just now, asking me to open the door for you.”

As he spoke, he observed Byron’s expression calmly.

Byron was frowning, and he looked worried.

Rosalie sounded anxious, and he could guess that the little ones’ conditions were terrible.

There was no way for even Byron to remain calm when facing such a situation.

Yves’ doubts grew when he saw Byron’s expression. However, he showed no emotion and was still respectful toward Byron.

“I wonder what medicine Dr. Jacobs needs. I can help.”

Byron frowned and glanced at Yves as though he had just noticed him.

Yves tried to remain calm as he met Byron’s eyes.

He thought Byron was going to say something to him. However, Byron looked away instead.

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