My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 947

Chapter 947 A Glimpse of Coldness

Byron took out his phone and called Rosalie. “I’m at the research institute.”

Rosalie did not hesitate to tell him the names of the herbs she needed from the other end of the call.

The more he listened, the gloomier his face got.

He understood the names of some of the common herbs.

However, the rest confused Byron.

Rosalie was too anxious that she only realized Byron might not recognize those herbs after telling him all the names.

Rosalie forced herself to calm down and slowed down her pace. “Why don’t you ask Dr. Graham to take you to the warehouse?”

Byron agreed. Then, he told Yves what he wanted in simple words, “The warehouse.”

Then, Byron looked away.

Yves sensed Byron’s cold attitude and frowned slightly as he led Byron to the warehouse.

“I’m in the warehouse,” Byron told Rosalie he was in the warehouse.

Rosalie frowned and pondered about how to explain to Byron where to get those herbs.

When they stored the herbs, they did not consider situations where outsiders would have to go in and get them.

As a result, there were no labels on the cabinet…

When the two were troubled, Yves’ gentle voice sounded. “Are you here to get herbs? I can help if you don’t mind.”

Both Rosalie and Byron were startled.

Rosalie suddenly realized something. Then, she asked Byron to turn on the speaker. “Dr. Graham, we need your help.”

Then, Rosalie told Yves the list of herbs she needed.

With a slight frown, Yves quickly took the herbs from the cabinet. He did not even need Rosalie to repeat the names.

As he took each herb, his speculation of the illness Rosalie wanted to treat became clear.

When he had taken the herbs, he was confident about what they were for.” Are these for a bacterial infection?”

Rosalie knew he had taken the herbs and felt more relieved than just now.” Yes. Thank you for helping US out.”

Yves smiled and blurted out intentionally, “Since it’s such an urgent situation, you should’ve called me instead of President Lawrence.”

Rosalie was startled and did not know what to answer.

She and Yves were colleagues. They were not close.

Therefore, although she had thought of looking for the help of a friend in the medical field, she never thought of Yves.

She could not tell Yves her thoughts so straightforwardly.

Fortunately, Yves did not insist on getting her to respond and said, “I need to adjust the dosage and might need some time, but I’ll be quick.”

Rosalie was secretly relieved and thanked him, ‘Thank you.”

Yves smiled.

Meanwhile, Byron’s gaze on Yves deepened.

Before they could say another word, Byron turned off the speaker mode and hung up the call.

Noticing his movements, Yves glanced at Byron and smiled at him understandingly.

Then, Yves weighed the herbs. He frowned when he was at it, and a glimpse of coldness flashed across his eyes.

Yves had hinted to Rosalie about the fire that day.

He believed Rosalie understood it and should be doubting Byron by now.

Even so, she still trusted this man!

She chose Byron over him in critical situations like this!

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