My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 948

Chapter 948 They Are In Great Pain

Jealousy had corrupted Yves’ mind.

He thought Rosalie called him because she had noticed something about the fire.

However, he did not expect it was because of something like this.

He had done so much, yet Rosalie did not care about him-not even a little.

If that was the case, he did not mind teaching her a lesson.

With that thought in mind, Yves took his time and slowed down his pace intentionally. He even dawdled by pretending there were mistakes in his calculations.

Since Rosalie was in a hurry, he decided to let the party Rosalie wanted to cure suffer a little longer.

Only then would Rosalie know who to look for if she needed help in expertise matters like this the next time.

He was better than Byron in the medical field!

“Aren’t you done yet?”

Byron watched the minutes pass and frowned as he asked.

Yves lifted his head and said calmly, “We have to be strict when portioning the herbs out. I have to weigh them accurately.”

Byron pressed down the anxiety in him and frowned as he waited silently. However, he stared at Yves’ hands.

Aware of his gaze, Yves gradually used his usual speed to pack the herbs, afraid Byron might suspect something.

After packing the herbs, Yves looked at the time. He took half an hour more than he should have taken.

Feeling satisfied, Yves handed the herbs to Byron. “Everything is ready.

Here you go, President Lawrence.”

Byron withdrew his sight from Yves and took the herbs. Then, he thanked Yves before leaving the research institute in a hurry.

Looking at Byron leaving, Yves’ gaze turned gloomy.

Sooner or later, he would make sure Rosalie only care about him.

Byron and Xander were only his stepping stones, regardless of their success.

Meanwhile, in the suburbs, Rosalie was unaware of what was happening at the research institute and waiting anxiously for Byron to arrive.

Nox and Estelle were in so much pain that they had no more strength to bear it. They looked like they were about to faint.

Lucian looked at their weak state, and he finally panicked. “Mommy, will Nox and Estie be fine? They look like they’re in great pain…”

Rosalie suppressed the uneasiness in her and caressed the little one’s head. ‘They’ll be fine. Mr. Byron will be here soon.”

Slowly, Estelle opened her eyes as if she had heard them mentioning her daddy. She stretched out her arms at Rosalie.

Rosalie carried the little one and rubbed her back, trying to comfort her pain.

Lucian also helped Nox ease the pain by rubbing Nox’s belly.

As night fell, the four sat in the car and waited.

Suddenly, a light approached them gradually from a distance.

Lucian’s eyes lit up in joy. “Mommy, Mr. Byron is here!”

The little one could not think of anyone who would be here other than Byron at this time of the day.

The light had already enveloped the area they were in.

Carrying Estelle in her arms, Rosalie looked in the direction of the light.

When she saw the familiar Bentley, her anxiousness gradually faded.

Byron was here.

Soon, the car slowly stopped not far from them. Byron opened the door and got out, carrying a bag of herbs.

“Mr. Byron!”

Lucian greeted him excitedly.

Byron touched the little one’s head with a serious expression and took the boy to Rosalie.

That man wore nothing much and only a pair of thin clothes as he headed to Rosalie’s car.

Rosalie felt so relaxed to see Byron that she had not realized Byron had already approached her.

Byron glanced at her and the little ones.

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