My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Must Be Sad

Nox became nervous when he heard his brother’s voice.

If their mommy knew they were already aware of who their birth father was and had been keeping it a secret from her, she might be sad.

Rosalie did not have the mood to think so much.

Although Rosalie hesitated to let the little boys know their birth father, she hid her thoughts when she heard Nox’s mutter.

She was not ready yet.

Rosalie secretly pinched the palm of her hand and looked at the man before her calmly.

“Please hand Nox to me. I think he might be afraid.”

Then, Rosalie approached Byron and handed Estelle to him, saying, “Estie wants you.”

Byron’s forehead creased, and he thought that Rosalie was acting a little weird.

However, he did not think much and exchanged kids with Rosalie.

As if sensing Rosalie was leaving her, Estelle moaned in displease.

Nox also frowned in disappointment.

Rosalie looked at the shirt Nox had been grabbing onto subconsciously.

It was a little crumpled.

“Sorry, Nox-“

Byron’s shirts had always been expensive. Rosalie subconsciously apologized on behalf of the little boy.

Before Rosalie could finish her sentence, Byron interrupted her with his deep voice, “Why are you both alright?”

He was curious about that because of Lucian.

Their diet was supposed to be the same. Why was only Lucian fine, while the other two little ones were ill?

Rosalie could not react when she heard the sudden change of topic.

Lucian got what Byron was asking and answered with his cute voice, “Nox and Estie had drunk the water in the cup. I only drank a mouthful.”

Byron was in a puzzle. He did not know what Lucian meant by the cup of water.

Rosalie finally understood what Byron asked and explained, “We prepared some water beforehand. During lunch, they drank the water and were fine. However, they got a stomachache when they drank the water in the evening.”

Now that they were talking about this, Rosalie felt sorry. “It’s my fault.

Lucian drank it and told me it tasted weird, but I didn’t think much about it then.”

If she had been careful and checked the water, maybe Nox and Estelle would not have had to suffer.

Byron’s gaze darkened as he looked at the little girl in his arms.

In the moonlight, the little one’s face was pale, and so were her lips. It was obvious that she was in severe pain.

He would have been furious if anyone else had put the little one through so much.

However, looking at Rosalie feeling remorseful, Byron frowned and comforted her.

“It’s not your fault. You said the water was all right after they drank it at noon.”

What went wrong after that was what they had to pay attention to now.

Lucian also agreed. “Mommy, don’t blame yourself. Otherwise, Nox and Estie would be sad if they knew!”

Rosalie felt better after Byron and Lucian comforted her.

As the minutes ticked away, the medicine was almost ready.

Rosalie set aside the little one in her arms, took out a cup, and filled one for each of them.

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