My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Like A Family

Estelle understood what had happened and smiled as she nodded.

“Did you have fun today?”

Byron did not ask Estelle about her pain anymore. He asked about the camping experience to divert Estelle’s attention.

Estelle’s attention diverted as soon as he mentioned the camp. “It was fun!”

After that, as if she was afraid her daddy would not believe her, she started listing out the fun stuff they did.

“Auntie gave me a beautiful wreath. We ate a delicious barbecue meal.

Lucian and Nox gave me pretty pebbles…”

It was like she had millions of happy memories to share.

Compared to these things, the stomachache seemed like nothing!

Byron’s gaze softened when he heard the little one telling him about her happy memories that day.

Rosalie examined the little ones again.

She had studied the bacteria before, so the herbal medicine she prepared was the correct remedy for the problem.

After checking, Rosalie confirmed the little ones had recovered. Finally, Rosalie felt relieved and looked at the man beside her.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back.”

Byron nodded his head. When he was about to get up, Lucian spoke in his cute voice.

“Mommy, can we not go back so soon?”

The little one looked at the adults longingly. “We haven’t stayed for the night!”

Then, he grabbed Rosalie’s clothes and pointed at the moon and the stars.” Look! The night sky is so beautiful!”

Rosalie was hesitant when she saw the anticipation in the little one’s eyes. However, she was firm this time.

“No. Estie and Nox have just recovered. They have to go back and rest. I’ll take you out again next time.”

It was not mainly because the two little ones had just recovered.

Mainly, it was because she did not want to face Byron all night…

When Rosalie refused, Lucian’s eyes flashed with disappointment. Then, he turned around and winked at Estelle and Nox.

The little ones understood his meaning.

Estelle tugged pitifully at her father’s expensive shirt. “Daddy, I’m so sleepy.”

Nox put on a painful expression and covered his belly. “Mommy, it still hurts a little…”

The little one had always been good at putting on an act. After what happened this morning, Rosalie did not think much.

She was hesitant again when she heard that Nox was in pain.

The little boy had been ill all afternoon, but he was finally better. It might affect Nox’s recovery if they traveled a long journey back.

With that in mind, Rosalie gave up her initial plan and said, “Let’s stay here for the night, then.”

Seeing that Rosalie agreed, the little ones looked aside longingly at Byron.

Byron would, of course, prioritize the little ones’ health. Thus, he agreed without hesitation.

The two adults put the three little ones in the tent.

Looking at the space, Rosalie hesitated.

There seemed to be no suitable place to rest except the tent.

However, the thought of lying in a tent with Byron made her feel strange.

It was as though they were a family.

When she hesitated, Byron’s deep voice sounded.

“Go to bed early. I’ll sleep in the car.”

With that, the man got up and got out of the tent.

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