My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Shouldn’t Have Suggested

Looking at their daddy’s back, the three little ones looked at each other. They were reluctant to let him leave.

They managed to get the two adults to agree to spend the night here to create a chance for them to be together.

However, their plan would not work if their daddy left the tent.

Besides, Daddy was so big, and the compartment in the car was so narrow. It would be uncomfortable for him to sleep in there!

The little ones tried to come up with something to make Daddy change his mind.

At the same time, Rosalie looked at the man leaving and hesitated.

“You can sleep with us here.”

Looking at Byron, who was about to leave, Rosalie suggested.

Byron stopped and turned around.

Rosalie drooped her eyes and said, “The car is too small for you to sleep in. It would be uncomfortable. We have space in the tent. You can join us if you don’t mind, President Lawrence.”

Although Rosalie did not want to face Byron all night, she knew it would be uncomfortable for Byron to sleep in the car.

It was she who caused this situation. Byron was only here to help. Hence, Rosalie felt she should not let him have a sleepless night.

The little ones did not expect her to take the initiative to ask Byron to stay. After a momentary shock, the little ones persuaded Byron.

“Daddy, Estie wants to sleep with you.” Estelle stretched her arms out at her daddy.

“Mr. Byron, come and sleep with US. We’re a little scared.”

Byron glanced at the little ones and finally at Rosalie.

He did not expect Rosalie to suggest that.

Aware of the man’s line of sight, Rosalie’s eyelashes fluttered. She smiled calmly at him, trying to express her sincerity.

Realizing Rosalie was not doing this out of courtesy, Byron frowned and walked into the tent. Then, he lay down at the other end of the tent.

Seeing that Daddy was back, the little ones were pleased.

Rosalie’s gentle voice sounded in the little ones’ ears. “It’s getting late. Go to sleep.”

The little ones closed their eyes happily.

After a while, Estelle opened her eyes and looked at Rosalie.

“I can’t sleep, Auntie. Can you tell me a bedtime story?”

Rosalie was lying by the little ones’ side, trying to wait for them to fall asleep.

When she heard Estelle’s request, she naturally agreed without hesitation and told her a fairy tale in a soft voice.

For a moment, the tent was quiet except for Rosalie’s soft voice.

A small night light was on inside the tent, and the light was dim.

Byron was at the other end of the tent. He watched the little ones under the dim light and the woman who was telling them a bedtime story.

The little ones were cute, and Rosalie’s voice was soft and gentle.

Anyone would think such a scene was warm and beautiful.

Even Byron felt so.

As the story came to an end, Byron’s gaze was gentle.

After an unknown amount of time, the three little ones slowly fell asleep.

Listening to the sound of symmetrical breathing, Rosalie lay down slowly.

She could not go to sleep even after trying for a long time.

Although the three little ones were between her, she could not ignore

Byron’s presence.

Rosalie even regretted asking Byron to stay when he was about to leave the tent just now.

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