My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Nervous

Rosalie was not surprised by his words.

After all, Estelle suffered the most because of the person who intentionally put the bacteria in the cup.

Byron cared about Estelle so much that he would not let go of that person. She could understand that.

“Aren’t you going to change your mind after all this?”

Byron suddenly blurted out the question.

Rosalie’s thought was still on the bacteria. She was stunned when she heard the sudden question.

Byron did not wait for her answer. He added. “Nox wanted a daddy when he was partially unconscious. He did that the last time too.”

Last time, the little boys got infected by the bacteria on Estelle and felt extremely itchy. They even suffered from fever.

Nox had subconsciously muttered the word ‘Daddy* back then too.

Rosalie felt her heart skip a beat, and she explained, “They lack fatherly love, so it’s natural for them to mutter that.”

Even though she knew Nox was only talking in his sleep, she could not help feeling guilty.

She thought Byron was asking that because he had noticed something.

However, Byron’s words caught her off guard again.

“Which means you know how much they need a father. Do you plan to let them grow up without one?”

As he spoke, the man looked at her meaningfully.

He did not need to say more for Rosalie to understand his intention.

Byron was asking her thoughts about him being willing to be the kids’ father.

He had asked the same question countless times.

Rosalie, however, was as flustered as ever.

After their eyes met, Rosalie quickly turned her head away.

“It’s not up to me. I’ll respect their opinion.

“I’m a little sleepy. I’ll go back to the tent now.”

Not daring to look back, she returned to her tent again to avoid the man behind her.

Looking at Rosalie leaving, Byron’s gaze turned gloomy.

Rosalie was avoiding him, and he could see that.

He had already expected her reaction when he asked that question.

However, he still felt frustrated upon seeing her escaping from him again.

He did not know how long this relationship between them would last.

In the tent, Rosalie carefully tiptoed to her place.

Before lying down, she checked carefully to see if she had woken the little ones. Then, she lay down in relief.

Rosalie’s mind was still in a mess upon listening to the little ones breathing evenly.

Rosalie was not sleepy, of course.

She could not sleep even when she was lying in the tent.

However, she did not know how to face the problem, so she made an excuse at random and escaped.

Just now, she went out of the tent to avoid him.

Now, she was back because of the same reason.

Rosalie could not help thinking she was ridiculous to do something like this.

Byron would have guessed why she kept walking in and out of the tent.

She wondered what he was thinking now…

Thinking that Byron might return to the tent, Rosalie felt nervousness striking her again.

She waited a long time, but no sound came from outside.

Drowsiness finally hit Rosalie, and she fell asleep in a daze.

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