My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Keep Her By Your Side

The two took the little ones to put away the tent and tidy up the camping equipment. They then went back into Byron’s car. Rosalie’s car was left in the same spot, and they got a mechanic to tow it away.

Back at Rosalie’s house.

Rosalie took the two boys out of the car, and Byron also got out of the car to help them unload the trunk.

After that, Rosalie said goodbye to the two of them and prepared to go into the villa with the two little boys.


Little Estie stood beside Byron’s legs, stretched out her little hand, and grabbed the hem of Rosalie’s clothes.

After a full day spent with Auntie and the little brothers, she was reluctant to leave just like this.

Rosalie’s heart softened at her voice. She lowered her eyes and touched the little girl’s head.

“Estie, are you hungry? Come in and have something to eat.”

When the little one woke up in the morning, her stomach rumbled. She must be starving now.

Estie’s eyes lit up slightly, and she happily came to Rosalie’s side.

Rosalie looked up at the person in front of her again. “Do you want to eat a little with us, President Lawrence?”

Although she did not know how to deal with Byron, he did help them a great deal this time. It did not make sense to see the man leave just like that.

At first, Rosalie thought that according to the man’s habits, he would gladly agree.

Unexpectedly, Byron did not answer immediately after hearing her words, and his eyebrows twitched slightly.

After she waited for a while, Rosalie inevitably found it strange.

Judging from his response, her invitation seemed a little abrupt…

“Daddy, let’s stay for breakfast! We can go back after!” Estie echoed in her sweet voice.

The other two little guys also warmly invited him. “Mr. Byron, come eat with us!”

Byron then answered, “No, I’ll pass. I still have matters to deal with.”

Yesterday, his meeting was abruptly interrupted. He needed to go back and finish the meeting. In addition, Byron needed some time to find out who was the one behind the attack on the children.

The kids looked a little lost upon his refusal.

Rosalie touched the heads of the little ones soothingly, and when she saw Estie, she seemed a little hesitant.

‘Byron wants to leave immediately, but the little one…’

She was about to say that she would send the little girl back in a while when Byron’s voice rang out again.

“I wonder if you’d mind letting Estie stay with you for two days?”

Hearing this, Rosalie and the three little kids were all stunned.

Since Byron took the little girl away from Rosalie’s house last time, Estie had not stayed in their house again.

It was either Rosalie who had concerns or it was Byron who forbade Estie to come.

Several times, Rosalie would be soft-hearted because of Estie’s tears, but they would not work on Byron.

This time, Byron took the initiative to suggest this, which they did not expect.

Even Estie could not believe her ears and carefully pulled at the hem of her father’s clothes.

“Daddy, I can stay at Auntie’s house?”

Byron lowered his eyes to meet the little girl’s gaze and nodded indifferently.

Then, he looked up at Rosalie, who had not come to her senses yet. He explained to her. “I don’t know if Estie’s illness has completely recovered. I think I’ll be more at ease if I keep her by your side.”

Rosalie still hesitated. “But…”

She was afraid that the person from yesterday was targeting her, and she would affect the little one again instead.

Byron interrupted her with a frown, “I’ll send someone to watch over all of you. If there’s anything abnormal, my people will contact me immediately.” The implication was that Rosalie did not have to worry.

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